Redfall isn't Arkane's Left 4 Dead – it's the studio's spin on Far Cry

Big in 2023: We speak with Arkane Studios' Harvey Smith and Ricardo Bare to dive deep into Redfall, one of the most anticipated Xbox Series X exclusives of the year.

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lelo2play555d ago

Wasn't interested in the game at first. From the videos, it looked similar to Left 4 Dead.

If it's spin on Far Cry, then I'm interested in the game. Need more gameplay videos to make up my mind...

Leeroyw554d ago

I don't have an xbox or pc but this description sounds pretty good. I love both arkane and the older school far cry games.

Lightning77555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Meaty interview. Here some new Redfall info:

- Redfall offers an unfathomably larger open-world space than Prey's Talos I
- home base where you can talk to NPCs, get side-quests. Or you can "haul ass" and do things on your own and discover the dynamic world. The director describe the game as "big ass open world"
- story-driven missions & freeroam
- gunplay crucial, hired FPS specialists, id Software helped.

- two distinct districts: a sprawling urban area, rural designed area
- Many of these aspects of Redfall aren't predefined activities, but part of the simulated space
- Day/night changes the feel of the game radically
- dynamic dialogue system of players talking to each other. There's heavy dialogue between the players characters and even have a buff called the "trust buff" the more they play each other the more your characters get to know each other.

The teams inspiration came from playing Diablo, Borderlands, left 4 Dead and Far Cry. In fact the game is heavily inspired by Far Cry in the open world sense.

Sonic1881554d ago

So basically it's a Far Cry and left 4 Dead clone 🤔

Crows90554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

I'm actually thinking it'll be closer to destiny in design. Hub area with npc missions etc and big open world to do those things in. Screams destiny to me.

onisama554d ago

Let me guess... Your a PS fanboy?

Sonic1881554d ago

What does PS have to do with my comment 🤔 I'll answer your question. I'm a PC gamer first

Lightning77554d ago

What? No How can you have a clone of different 2 different genres that are inspired in the game. The game is uniquely it's own. That's like saying Destiny is a Borderlands and Halo clone? The inspiration is there but it's own game entirely. Same with this game.

@crows Screams any open world game to me. You don't here people saying The Division is like Destiny when they first announced it.

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Gaming4Life1981554d ago

That all sounds good and I hope this game turns out to be great.

porkChop554d ago

Seems more like Borderlands but in a Far Cry style open world. I didn't care for Redfall at first but every time they talk about it or show it I get more interested.

banger88554d ago

I still can't find any info on whether this game has an offline mode or not. The last thing I want to see is articles saying "Redfall requires a constant connection even for single player".

SurgicalMenace554d ago

Don't see what everyone's issue is with being "always" online.

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CantThinkOfAUsername554d ago

Your connection has one hiccup during single-player campaign and "You've been kicked out of the game. Please check your Internet connection."

CrimsonWing69554d ago

I do hear ya, I feel like when I game I’m “always online”, but I think what rubs people the wrong way is the possibility if they don’t have a network connection then they can’t play. In all my life of playing on a console that connects to the internet I have never had a network issue, but that doesn’t mean there’s not someone out there that it hasn’t happened to.

SurgicalMenace554d ago

I mean, it's happened to me before but I just went to do something else until the network came back up. I love gaming but there are several alternatives that can be enjoyed as well.

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MadLad554d ago

That's what I got from it the more I saw.
But of course, you have those still claiming all Gamepass is going to offer is linear, repetitive GaaS titles.

Still waiting on that after a good few years now.

onisama554d ago

I m very happy with announced day1 and gamepass games coming this year... But xbox got lot of haters
Athomic heart day 1
Personas 3 & 4 day 1 (on xbox perspective )
Monstrr hunter arise day 1
Starfield day 1
Redfall day 1
Wo long day 1
Silksong day 1
Lies p day 1
Age of empire games on xbox
Forza motpsport day 1
Stalker 2 day 1
Minecraft legends day 1
And many other games like replaced ark2.....

What not to like?

Gaming4Life1981554d ago

Good point and their will be way more games than that, Gamepass will be crazy this year. I just hope all of the exclusives are too notch.

Flawlessmic554d ago

2022 was trash bro, Ms deserved every bit of criticism it's gets until not only it has a good year but multiple good years in a row and shows some goddam consistency!!!

You know exactly why xbox gets the hate it does.

2023 is hopefully the start of non stop good games every year.

But yea stop playing dumb 2022 from Ms was hands down one of the worst years iv ever seen from a console dev, my xsx was a dust collector all last year.

Anyways bring on 2023

SurgicalMenace554d ago

Aren't most of those games day one on PS, too?

MadLad554d ago (Edited 554d ago )


Half their list won't be, actually. The other half will still be day one for those with the service. Unless the same can be said for some tier of PlayStation Plus, not sure what the point of your comment is. He just listed Gamepass games he was excited for.

SurgicalMenace554d ago

No, he said "day one" after them, I was just asserting the same point that most of those games will be day one for PS supporters as well. We just don't need a service to get them day one. That's the only difference.

onisama554d ago

I said day1 on gamepass... Which ones did you see of tese announced on ps plus?

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