Just Cause 3 is less than $5 right now

If you haven’t played Just Cause 3 yet, you should.  It’s a ridiculous action set piece simulator with a beautiful location, stunts and huge explosions.  And it’s less than $5.

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nintendo1889142d ago

Bull crap, game is not that price, why do you post these click bait articles, N4G?

letsa_go142d ago

lol the first sentence in the article: "Edit: It’s over, folks!" Why even post it here then?? JOHNSANTINA, explain yourself!

traumadisaster141d ago

The other day I was on Steam and it was $4.99, fact.

Sugreev2001142d ago

Got it for free with my PSN+ membership a couple of months ago.

Palitera142d ago

And it's barely worth the download.

FITgamer142d ago

Agreed you can't even play it on console unless you disconnect your internet connection.

CodeNameTBW2142d ago

wish you guys could have seen jc2 on PS4 graphics. It was a real good game. JC3 drop the ball.

showtimefolks142d ago

Avalanche did a very poor job of supporting this game post launch. They stopped with patches a while back even though this game could use a few

CodeNameTBW2142d ago

JS3 was a step back from JS2. Alot of stuff was missing. The wing suit was fun but the game lost so much other stuff that made JS3 so fun. Just to name a few. Rolling, mini map, running (come on), hook shot vehicles and maneuver all around it, crouching. dual wielding weapons, less two handed riffles. . it's a few more but that's the stuff that i remember pissing me off the most.

optimus142d ago

I don't know what game you played but I can indeed run in just cause 3. I encountered little to no glitches on xb-1 except for the random online disconnect which isn't really a problem if you don't care about other people's stats. It's the most fun I've had with a game in years...

I bought the XL version for $11 on Xbox and it was well worth it. It does get a little repetitive saving the towns and outposts but I didn't mind since the game is just fun to play. Especially if you have the mechs and drones. A solid 8.5 from me. Bring on just cause 4!

mkis007142d ago

so much fun! Especially with the jetpack!

optimus141d ago

The jet pack was a bit of a cop out cause I spent more time using it than trying to use any other mode of transport. I didn't know how to revert back to the wing suit. 😋... So it made everything else just a bit easier cause I didn't need to use the better vehicles. But that's ok I didn't mind cause it was still fun to play.

CodeNameTBW2141d ago

i meant sprint. I thought that was obvious...... I don't dismiss what your saying didn't say it wasn't fun. I'm Just saying JC2 was better. Did you play both JC2 and JC3?

optimus141d ago

I believe pressing down on the L stick makes you sprint. I played just cause 1 which was full of glitches, (game breaking ones), played 2 which was a lot better, and played 3 which is the best so far. Don't know what you mean about no dual wielding weapons. There are plenty of those minus the rifle ones which is justified.... Maybe you didn't gain all the abilities when you played? A lot of abilities open up when you complete the many side tasks. Extra tethers, stronger tethers, timed bombs, heat seeking bombs, just to name a few.

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Goldenhawk521142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

It WAS like $3. PC Gamer news reported 2 days ago. N4G has gotten terrible.

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