Chrono Trigger: The Kotaku Review

In the mid-nineties, at the approach of the millennium, the creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest combined their considerable talents in the hopes of creating the ultimate Japanese role-playing game. What resulted was Chrono Trigger, considered not only one of the best games of the era but also one of the high-water marks for the genre even today.

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NecrumOddBoy141d ago

Talk about a game that is perfect. The combination of the entire team in regards to Art, gameplay, sound, and design will never be replicated again. What a perfect collaboration of great minds that created one of the most incredible games of all time. Chrono Trigger really does deserve a remake. I personally would love just to see HD polish two its 16-bit graphics with an overlay of 1080p lighting effects similar to The Final Fantasy 1 and 2 PSP version. I don't think anything about this game needs to get recreated. Just add some really cool effects and polish it up event. Maybe add some content keeping the graphics style and of course put trophies in it.

Shiken141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Forget a remake, Chrono Trigger/Cross needs a new game in the franchise. There is so much untapped potential to explore.