Maybe the Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Need a Virtual Console After All

Earlier this month, buried in some exciting new details about the Switch’s upcoming online service, Nintendo revealed that it was killing the Virtual Console as a concept. “There are currently no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems,” a company rep explained. This careful wording led to many upset fans.

Since the original Wii, the Virtual Console has been a Nintendo staple, a place where you could buy everything from Super Metroid to obscure TurboGrafx games. What does its absence mean for retro games on the Switch? If a few recent releases are any indication, Nintendo’s tablet will be just fine in that regard.

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FTLmaster141d ago

I must respectfully disagree with this article. I would love some sort of Virtual Console to come to the Switch. I'd be all over it.

rainslacker140d ago

I wouldn't mind it because they had some of TG-16 games that I really like.

PhoenixUp141d ago

I’ve been having a blast with Virtual Console on my Wii U as well as its Wii VC lineup

PlayStation Classics also takes up my time on PS3 & PS4.

The best thing about each service is that it allows me to play individual titles I otherwise would’ve overlooked.

Neonridr140d ago

I am ok with the Netflix style of service included with the Online subscription as long as they continually update and add more stuff to it.

Jinger140d ago

lol no, It absolutely does. The fact that it still doesn't is mind boggling to me, but I guess Nintendo needs to keep selling their Mini consoles...

Kumakai140d ago

Not having VC is lame. Period. There’s no way to fanboy spin this to be fine. It’s a disappointment.

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