Is Dark Souls Overrated? – A View of Dark Souls Remastered From Someone New to the Series | GameByte

Brett from GameByte dives into Dark Souls Remastered, finally giving the cult series the chance it deserves. But does he understand it or just think it's another popular series that has grown far too overrated?

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kevnb198d ago

I must have imagined loving the game.

Ciporta1980197d ago

Sounds like you didn't enjoy it because you were rubbish at it.

Palitera197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Ah, the classic "git gud". Never gets old.

Anyone who is evaluating Dark Souls as a new thing should really keep quiet, unless you're doing some history paper. It was VERY innovative back in the days but you can't judge it after Nioh, Nier, God of War etc etc etc took inspiration or copied many of its mechanics and design.

Is it still a great game? Obviously. But you don't have the novelty factor anymore.

So, OP, don't even try to flamebait. We all know you are unable to evaluate it, your opinion is useless.

PS: the real groundbreaking experience is Demon's Souls, the first (and best imo). Dark Souls was only referenced more because it is multiplatform.

Bretty197d ago

I mean the article is nothing but positive with the game and I really enjoyed my time playing the remaster.

Unfortunately I didn't get around to playing it earlier due to life and other things always getting in the way. The dreaded gaming backlog. As I kept getting closer to going back to it something new would come out until it got to the point that I just wasn't playing the console I owned it on any more.

From a fresh perspective it's still a great game and you can see how it inspired a whole new subgenre of games and why its such an important piece of gaming history. You can also see the inspiration it took from older games. It's very much about learning a level loop so you can keep pushing on, something I grew used to a lot back in the days of the NES.

Overall I'd say, even for newcomers, Dark Souls Remastered is a decent place to start. Graphically it's far from the most amazing game in the world but mechanically it still holds up. :)

Spurg197d ago

Demon souls was great but it was dark souls that really made soulsborne series what it is today.
The world and story is much deeper and most importantly more complete than demon souls.
The difficulty was steeper.
The combat along with its variety of weapons and magic completely dwarfs Desmond souls.

Dark souls was Miyazaki at his best and you'll never see him make a game like dark souls every again.

So for comparison sake...let's say dark souls is what uncharted 2 is to the uncharted series, gears of war 2 to the gears series and mass effects 2 to the mass effects series.

"Dark Souls was only referenced more because it is multiplatform."

You prefer deamon souls because it ps exclusive.

Ciporta1980197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Actually I'm not saying git good at all. I am terrible at the souls games and really struggle with them but they are still my fave games. I actually read the article and all he did was complain about how bad he did.

meatnormous197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Anyone else playing the remaster noticing any glitches or other weird things happening? Fought iron golem last night and he fell through the floor, not off the side, straight down through the floor. Tarkus wanted that ass and was disappointed.

chickensandwich1991197d ago

i had a problem getting knight lautrec to firelink shrine. opened his cell talked to him walked to firelink he wasnt there. defeated the bellfry gargoyles he still wasnt at firelink. after that i went back to his cell used a homeward bone wich fixxed it.

darren_poolies197d ago

Favourite game of all time with Bloodborne a close second. No it is not overrated.

HeisenbergX197d ago

Absolutely overrated IMO and over freaking referenced the games that deserve to be referenced are Demon’s Souls you know the one that came first and was actually original and Bloodborne the game that gave us completely new settings and gameplay and is the best one.

Prince_TFK197d ago

Whoa slow down abit there, Walter White.

HeisenbergX197d ago

Okay you are kinda of right i should have said it better i meant the whole Dark Souls trilogy is a little overrated IMO not just the first game and by saying that i by no means think they are bad games.

As for the referencing part you all guys know i'm right about that..

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