Bethesda Studios shares teaser image on Twitter

Bethesda Studios has posted a teaser image on Twitter, accompanied by the hashtag 'PleaseStandBy'.

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-Foxtrot194d ago

New Vegas sequel hopefully.

I wouldn't want Fallout 5 yet until next gen.

X-Alchemist194d ago

A New Vegas sequel would actually be ideal but it doubt that'll happen.

ZaWarudo194d ago

Haha Oh Obsidian....




OneLove194d ago

Technically they haven't made a next gen fallout until they use a new damn engine.

GamingSinceForever194d ago

You don’t have to buy it. I on the other hand fully would welcome it.

-Foxtrot194d ago


Like it actually would be Fallout 5...come on

Lighter9194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

You NV fans are a broken record... Just like those people who show up to every FO4 youtube video, just so they can comment on how they think FO4 was a terrible game.

@Foxtrot I did like it, but getting another one is just so unlikely though. I get tired of hearing about it.

-Foxtrot194d ago

Broken Record?

What? You didn't like New Vegas? Why wouldn't you want a spiritual sequel...even that rumoured (but probably bullshit) Fallout: Nuevo El Paso sounded appealing.

194d ago
Chris_GTR1194d ago

probably another fallout 4 port , just watch

CorndogBurglar194d ago

I would. Only because Fallout 4 was a big letdown for me. Technically speaking. It really wasn't s big leap from Fallout 3. I would really like to see what they can do with Fallout this late in the console gen.

Wrex369193d ago

Would buy both games in a second lol

MuddyWaters193d ago

Smells like the 10th anniversary of Fallout 3.

fewDankMemes193d ago

Fallout 3 Remaster with switch release is most likely

UltraNova193d ago

Haven't played New Vegas, so a remaster would be great.

TheKingKratos193d ago

That or new skyrim

Day 1 anyway

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IAreBeMrLee194d ago

My guess is that it'll be a switch port because I've learnt not to get my hopes up when it comes to berthesda :')

194d ago
joab777194d ago

Even better, it’s Ann iOS version.

Ausbo194d ago

I think a switch port announcement would be stupid to hype up because all hardcore fallout fans would be slighted

Pennywise138193d ago

Well there was that supposed Nintendo E3 games list and Fallout 3 such edition as one of the games so I bet it's that plus probably a 4K edition for PS4 and xbox1x

conanlifts193d ago

Even worse, microsoft just purchased them. The fallout would be real then ( not in a good way).

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Nineball2112194d ago

That would be cool. I've like all the Fallout games I've played. Some more than others, but I've like them all.

CaptainObvious878193d ago

If it's they're old, ugly, jaggy engine I'm not interested.

Goldenhawk521193d ago

Fallout.....for iOS and Android probably

sampsonon193d ago

ya think? talk about stating the obvious..... and i could care less unless they do something special, not just another fallout.

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SpaceRanger194d ago

Uh oh! The hype is real...

Lightning Mr Bubbles194d ago

Yes!! Another Fallout game I hope, It's pretty much my favorite franchise. I agree with Foxtrot it's probably not Fallout 5 but maybe something more like how New Vegas was to Fallout 3. I remember a while back ago there was a rumor that Bethesda registered the name Fallout: New Orleans or something like that. Anything like that would be cool.

And also it was cool how Fallout 4 was released the very same year it was revealed, so imagine if it's announced to be coming out this year, that would be sweet.

Elwenil194d ago

I'd say it's probably something along the lines of ESO, only in the Fallout setting.

cl1983194d ago

Dibs on not watching techspy when the new fall out game is released.

RuleNumber5194d ago

Please don't be another remaster...

-Foxtrot194d ago

I can't imagine them putting this much effort into a "hype campaign" before a major video game show for a lousy remaster.

I really hope it isn't that, a Switch version, more VR or a new mobile game...after all this I hope it's something new.

Paytaa194d ago

I'd wager it being Fallout 3 Anniversary (it'll be 10 years this Fall) or Starfield which allegedly takes place in the Fallout universe just far into the future hence the cleaner more vibrant "Please Stand By" screen.

Kavorklestein194d ago

I'd be okay with a Re-Master if it was truly done from the ground up or something, more like a Re-Make etc..
Besides, a Re-master would only really apply to Fallout 3 or New Vegas, and even then, Fallout 3 is already Tip Top quality on PC, and then basically Re-Mastered on XB1X already.

New Vegas/ Fallout 3 Combo Remaster with all DLC tho? ... That would be decent news IMO.

Neonridr194d ago

why can't Switch owners have a Fallout game?

-Foxtrot194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

You can have a Switch game...I just meant after all this, the hype is through the roof now. I don't want to be getting hyped with the show they are putting on (making out it's a brand new game) only for them to finally reveal it and go "SURPRISE...FALLOUT 4 FOR SWITCH"

Talk about disappointing. If you want to reveal a remaster or a Switch version then you'd just casually announce it during the show, something you wouldn't spend that long on.

All I'm saying compared to what they are doing now, all this, a Switch reveal is not worth this kind of hype.

CorndogBurglar194d ago

I think we can breathe easy. That screen looks too different to be a remastered of Fallout 4, or Fallout 4 on Switch.

My money is on a Fallout: New Vegas style of game.

PoopsMcGee193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I don't know about that, I remember a similar hype campaign before announcing Fallout Shelter so I wouldn't get my hopes too high...

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Araragifeels 194d ago

I would be happy for a Fallout 3 or New Vegas Remaster.

jznrpg194d ago

New Vegas first for me but I’ll take FO3 remaster

showtimefolks194d ago (Edited 194d ago )


Speak for yourself bro. Many would love to play fallout 3 remastered with all the dlc with mod support like skyrim. Would prefer both fallout 3 and new vegas in once package but I think we will get fallout 3 this year and new vegas next year

That's why Bethesda took down the mod I think that was doing fallout 3 remaster

This is fallout 3 remaster teaser which leaked few weeks back

Skyrim on next Gen consoles offers a much better experience than last Gen versions

FullmetalRoyale194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Speak for yourself bro. Plenty of people DON’T want that.

See how silly that sounds? Lol

OT: If this ends up being something related to that Fallout Shelter mobile game, I will be so disappointed!

showtimefolks194d ago


Or if it's fallout online that would be such a let down

194d ago
moomoo319194d ago

Jason schreir confirmed its not a remaster, and probably something people will have a hard time guessing.

PoopsMcGee193d ago

Ahhh, then Fallout Kart Racing here we go!!!!!

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lociefer194d ago

Smells like fallout 4 is getting the skyrim treatment, i hope not tho

194d ago
lociefer193d ago

I kinda meant 4, getting rereleased for ps4 / one as enhanced edditions and to switch

Mutant-Spud193d ago

They just released a combo pack of Skyrim: Special Edition and Fallout 4 GOTY edition.

lociefer193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

i know about skyrim, i kinda meant the switch port for fallout 4 , also i totally forgot a goty edition existed

Akarogg 192d ago

Why would it be rereleased? Holy... damn...

lociefer192d ago

It could be worse, Imagine if they released an online fallout instead of a single player fallout though

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ZaWarudo194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

I wonder what it could be... Maybe the New Orleans rumor could be true? or maybe it's a spinoff into an entirely different genre.

attilayavuzer194d ago

I thought the New Orleans stuff ended up being for Wolfenstein? I could completely be misremembering things though...