Five Things Detroit: Become Human Gets Right

Detroit: Become Human is a complex experience, as is everything that David Cage and Quantic Dream makes, though there comes both good and bad with these experiences. Now it's time to dive into five things that Detroit gets right with its choose-your-own-adventure sci-fi story.

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Hardiman146d ago

It's just so much fun to play and it looks amazing running on the Pro! My wife is blown away by it! I was playing Heavy Rain waiting for this to release and she loved it as well!

GamesMaster1982146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Story ,acting and damn twists what no never oh my god I felt playing . Great game

PhantomS42146d ago

Flowcharts really killed immersion. They were great to look at outside of the game to see what other people did but to have them halt the flow of the story was a really bad design choice. The game was fantastic though, I really dropped the ball at the end but it made me really excited to play the game again.