Destiny 2 Warmind Review - Duuro

Today, Destiny 2 is better than it was 3 months ago and from what the guys who saw the September update have been saying, it will become even better in next 3 months so fingers crossed?

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spicelicka170d ago

Only if you're willing to pay money for it. If the game is better because of paid DLC then what's point.

kraideral170d ago

Well, you are right, but still the best stuff that came to Destiny 2 with this DLC was available to all the players not just the ones who bought the DLC, things like Go Fast update and the rest of the improvements

spicelicka170d ago

That's true too, but at the same time they lock content behind the DLC effectively taking away things vanilla owners have already paid for. I'm a slow player and even though I rarely play destiny 2 I like to hop on once in a while. Every time I get back to this game I realize I've been pushed behind. I can't even play the damn raids because the grinding is so damn high.