4K/60fps Support In PS5 And Next Xbox Is A Must – HIVE: Altenum Wars Dev

David Rodriguez: "This will be an essential requirement for the bigger game studios on the next-gen."

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jobboy143d ago

yes please! 60 fps at first...

UltraNova143d ago

I think if they release around 2020 we will have [email protected] 60fps. Anything sooner it will be tough to get the required hardware to reach that milestone.

MrSec84143d ago

7nm has already entered mass production, it will be mature next year, there is nothing better coming in 2020 so what you're saying isn't supported by the evidence.
2019 will be when costs will allow for a 4K native console, with next gen visuals, but 60FPS will require sub-native resolutions, current 8th gen visuals, with ultra settings, some improved AI and increased physics because of the vastly improved CPU architecture and more efficient GPU architecture, which will feature 2X the threads per Compute Unit.

2020 will not provide any improvements in either cost or yields or the processing capacity of the most up to date AMD technologies.

4K 30FPS should be good for next gen visuals, AI and Physics in well optimized games, 60FPS will be doable with Checkerboarding for 4K final output visuals.

fewDankMemes142d ago

I don't want devs to aim for 60fps. I want them to aim for more immersive visuals. God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, even Halo on the Xbox 360 were some of the best looking games of their times. These games are all 30fps, and never did I once say that it takes away from the experience. The moment Halo pushed to a 60fps engine in Halo 5 it looked like doodoo. If you want 60fps go build a PC, and let us console players have our immense visual experiences at a decent cost..

Deep-throat143d ago

Not going to happen. Sony's studios value graphics over smooth gameplay. You're stuck with 30fps.

doggo84143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Why can I choose performance mode or immersion mode on God of war then? Why could I choose between a locked 60 fps vs unlocked fps on infamous second son? Your ignorance is cringed worthy. Please keep quiet if you have no idea what's going on.

143d ago
Araragifeels 143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Keep on deep throating Xbox, Xbone. Well at least we have Exclusives, finished Exclusives, get update on games that have been delayed, not like *cough* Crackdown 3 *cough* and not make fake promise that is the best line up of all time each year and tell the community that single player game is dead or lie that there no need for upgrade Console since power of the cloud can make the system stronger but then come up with an upgrade console or falsely advertise a game campaign mode and then make the MC less playable with repeatable boss fight or talk about how we need a camera in order to use a console or focus a reveal conference and completely focus on TV and a real life car or required to always be online or in order to lend a friend a game, he needs to pay $60 and to get it back you need to pay another $60 or if you don't have a great internet "deal with it" and keep using Xbox 360.

sprinterboy143d ago

Sony value 30 and 60fps, each genre doesn't always have to be 60fps

Razzer142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

In that case, Phil Spencer agrees with Sony and you will be stuck with 30 fps as well.

GC: What also frustrates me is that the only number I do care about is the only that you and Sony don’t obsess over. Which is 60fps, which I understand is easier to do on the Xbox One X than any other console.

PS: That’s correct. But… [laughs] Why do you care about 60fps?

But you are just talking out of your ass anyway....

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angelsx143d ago

I don’t mind some games to be 30fps with top notch graphics but shooters must be 60fps mandatory.

mkis007143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Um current consoles are capable of 4k 60...its the devs that decide to use the power for graphics instead. There is no way to make a console that is always 4k60 unless you stipulate that in the license agreement for devs.

jc12142d ago

Agreed, everything at least needs to target 60 fps first and foremost.

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1080p 60fps and 4k 30fps video setting

1080p 4k 60fps recording end streaming

Ps4 backward

nvme ssd slot

Parasyte143d ago

Unfortunately, for a console with that power with an NVME slot, it would most likely end up costing $700+ dollars.

letsa_go143d ago

How does gamingbolt manage to find the most no-name devs to write articles about? I bet if I said I was making a game, they would interview me!

MuddyWaters143d ago

The irony is the big AAA developers often refuse to make 60fps games on consoles because they know graphics sell and is easier to advertise than faster frame rates.

Sam Fisher143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

A tear came out of my eye reading this comment..... its so true

paintedgamer1984143d ago

I think as these consoles are giving more options for visual settings, the 2 or 3 settings should be reviewed individually. They can say... yeah native 4k looks great but 1600p 60 works and looks great.

Lennoxb63143d ago

That's because most gamers don't know what a frame rate is. So it's only right.

sprinterboy142d ago

80% of the gaming market is casual gamers who don't even notice the difference between 30/60fps FACT or give a fuck, just saying.

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bluefox755143d ago

They both already support 4k/60fps. Whether it can achieve that or not depends on how taxing the developers make their games.

Eidolon143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

it will be the same for until higher resolution TV's are out and as popular as 4K, by then, power would be their to support it. 1080p 60fps and 4k 30fps will still be a thing for PS5.

shaenoide143d ago

60 fps with a low-mid range CPU is a challenge nowaday it will be the same in 2020.

Parasyte143d ago

It really depends on how fast the manufacturing process for CPUs evolves. By 2020, we could have a small enough CPU that isn't ridiculously expensive that wouldn't bottle neck a powerful GPU/APU.

OmnislashVer36143d ago

2020 is 7nm, same as 2018-2019. We might not get 4nm until 2022 or later.

TBH they might as well release it next year. There's no point in waiting tech-wise, we're not getting a much bigger jump/price drop by waiting.

Teflon02143d ago

Waiting is beneficial. PS4 is still selling like Hot cakes, until it starts to die out in sales, no point in even announcing the successor. Unless MS does, you don't want to give MS a year head start again

OmnislashVer36143d ago (Edited 143d ago )


Can't see how that makes sense. By that Logic PS2 and Wii would have never released because why give up on their old installbases?

Also, waiting just means less optimization on the 7nm node. We're literally cutting it's life short. Better to get the system out there so we'll have optimized games earlier, before the next node comes out and we're outdated again.

Lastly we used to be on the edge of technology, now not so much. PS3 was a markedly long generation and PS4 has already outsold it.

NXFather142d ago

Hoping Sony will just buy more units upfront to get a better deal if AMD will sign off on it.