What Do We Want From Halo 6?

Halo 5 was launched in 2015 after that we haven’t seen a new AAA Halo game. Halo 5 Got a massive success. But will halo 6 be able to get successful? It depends. We could see Halo 6 soon.

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mark_parch146d ago

we want a good story which will take a miracle after halo 5

Skull521145d ago

Master Chief. Only Master Chief.

BiggerBoss145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I want it to not have a terrible story.

And Master Chief as the main character.

Also, it needs SPLITSCREEN.

If they can't do these 3 simple things, then I'm not interested.

Obscure_Observer145d ago


Why only Master Chief? Halo always has been about team work. Master Chief always relays on UNSC support. Be that by marines, hell jumpers, vehicles, weapons, ammo and supplies.

Halo Reach was all about teamwork and to this day is one of the best Halo game imo.

ConsoleGamer145d ago

I wouldn't mind a female master chief, born or via surgery.

BiggerBoss145d ago

Halo 5 was ok.

If anything, the story did a disservice to the Halo franchise.

81BX145d ago

I really liked it lol. Not for everyone. I remember the outcry when it released.

BiggerBoss145d ago

What did you like about it?

The marketing hyped it up as some kind of epic feud between Master Chief and Locke.

And then the ACTUAL story doesn't touch on that at all. The "feud" was like a 10 second cutscene punch.

I don't see how that ISN'T dissapointing.

81BX145d ago

Because I don't put much into marketing. Just like GOW. I saw 1 trailer. I avoided the rest because I knew I was going to get the game anyway. Besides that I played the campaign twice and reached rank 103 in MP. It's fun!

Obscure_Observer145d ago


I agree. The marketing do not translate to what that game was about. Very misleading.

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PhantomS42145d ago

A great story is a must along with split-screen gameplay. Not sure how they would pull it off since Halo 5's story pretty much retconned all of Halo 4 and 343i has been actively trying to erase the original trilogy from canon with things like bringing back the Flood. The multiplayer needs to go back to being more like Halo 1-3, it's too Call of Duty right now and barely resembles Halo.

Obscure_Observer145d ago


"we want a good story which will take a miracle after halo 5"

Not really. Brian Reed was fired and a new lead writer will take over. The new writer will not need to make make a tremendous effort to best Reed´s weak story on Halo 5.

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Nyxus146d ago

I would like splitscreen co-op to return.

Nyxus146d ago

Nice! Removing it was a mistake if you ask me.

BeardedDrachen146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I agree.

343 also recently removed the Spartan Abilities ground pound and spartan charge from 5.
I would also like to see slide and smart scope removed.

Sciurus_vulgaris145d ago

Ground and pound and spartan charge were removed from a single competitive playlist. The spartan abilities were well implemented into Halo 5 for the most part. Except I think Spartan charge should do less damage and the charging spartan be more vulnerable to a melee counter.

BeardedDrachen146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Ummm.. ok Ankit ."The best fight in Halo 6 would be master chief vs locke. That would impress a lot of people if master chief vs locke happened in halo 6."

We already got Chief vs.Locke in 5, it was regarded as overwhelmingly mediocre.

Nyxus146d ago

Is anyone actually interested in Locke?

Parasyte145d ago

I don't think so. Other than Blue Team, The Arbiter, Johnson, and a few others, no one really seems to care about the other characters.

Vectrexer145d ago

Locke should be a forgotten footnote...

spicelicka145d ago

yea please ffs no more forced karate fights

jhoward585146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I want 343 to take a different approach to giving halo 6 a textual and visual graphics upgrade similar to Gow/Hzd/uncharted.

Sciurus_vulgaris145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I don't entirely understand what you are saying? Halo 5 real-time cut scenes can hold their own with pretty much any game. When Halo 5 launched it was arguably the best looking 60 fps shooter, outside of Battlefront (2015).

jhoward585145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

You see, Just about every MS game that was developed by MS in-house dev team uses the same texturing style and approach. From what I can tell so far, the textures they create in-house are either created in Adobe Photo shop or Painter or MS proprietary software. This is one of the simplest/quickest methods to make textures. Ok, once the textures are created in photoshop/painter they are saved and then loaded into 3d max/Maya default(or new set) texture library. Those textures are then used to wrap around objects/character models.
It's purely a drag and drop process which saves time.
Sony Devs on the other hand manually paint their objects/character models using a paint software. Naughty Dog is well known for using this method of texturing quite well. Manually painting the objects/character model is a long and tedious process because the dev has to paint the character models/objects in layers. They use different color/tone/shades to give realism to the objects. That also includes manually painting in some dark-shadows to give the objects some definition to its appearance. Also, manually painting the character model/objects produces incredible results visually because this process doesn't tax the hardware as much as the other methods of creating textures. nuff said.

chiefJohn117145d ago

Wtf are talking about? Halo 5 holds up well especially for it being 60fps

DrIDGAF145d ago

It'll take a miracle for Halo 6 to be good. 343 has continuosly shown they lack the talent to execute a quality product.

spicelicka145d ago

Except the multiplayer in Halo 5 is stellar, and that's widely agreed on. They just can't make a good story.

DrIDGAF145d ago

What? I've never heard that. Halo 5 multiplayer was a mess, most people stopped playing after just a few weeks.

paintedgamer1984145d ago

Why cant they make a good story tho? 343 being a ms 1st party studio with a huge budget, its not like they couldnt hire some amazing writters in the genre. Its almost like 343 wanted to make halo so different from the bungie 1s they forgot what made the original 3 (4 counting odst). An amazing mp and sp campaign.

aconnellan145d ago


That’s incredibly inaccurate. Halo 5 has a healthy population to this day, and is widely recognised as one of the better multiplayer entries in the series. It also had really good post-launch support. It’s the campaign that was a major disappointment

Halo 4 had a great story but the worst multiplayer in the series; Halo 5 has the worst story in the series but some awesome multiplayer. If they can combine the best of both for Halo 6 then I’d be a happy man

145d ago
spicelicka145d ago

I'm not sure where you're getting your information. They removed perks, loadouts, added even starts, brought back arena, added custom games browser, and consistently added free content for many months, including all Halo 2 weapons. Regardless of how you feel about it, you can't deny they really added value.

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