Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version Makes No Promises About Preserving Save Data

After a surprising reveal just a few days ago, Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version launched on the Japanese eShop this week. It comes with a significant caveat about save data, however. In that the saves are not stored on the system itself, but rather on Capcom's own internal servers.

The issue here is that Capcom is making no promises with regard to this data. The company says that after the 180-day ticket expires, there are no guarantees that saves will be preserved. While that somewhat makes sense, oddly, Capcom also warns that the same even goes during the play period that you’re paying for.

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FallenAngel1984142d ago

Capcom finds new ways to screw up even when they’re doing alright like it’s a force of habit

MuddyWaters141d ago

Nintendo is kind of doing the same thing now, putting saves on the cloud but with a major caveat. It's being put behind a paywall.

hulk_bash1987141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I'm pretty sure you need a PS Plus and Xbox Live subscription to use cloud saving on the other consoles as well.

Atomicjuicer141d ago

This is a reply to hipk_bash1987 - wrong. Cloud save is free on Xbox and on ps4 you can backup to usb

ocelot07141d ago

@hulk_bash1978 true but at least on PS4 (not sure about Xbox) you can back your saves to a USB stick.

-Foxtrot141d ago


You wouldn't really need cloud saves anyway considering in 2013 when these consoles release they came with 500GB of memory. If the Switch came with just half of that at 250GB then we wouldn't need to rely on the cloud and the like.

hulk_bash1987141d ago

My bad on the xbox live assumption, I've never used the cloud storage on my Xbox One. But I know for a fact that PS Plus is needed for cloud storage on the PS4. My point being, Nintendo isn't somehow worse for doing the same.

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FallenAngel1984141d ago

PSN puts cloud saves behind a paywall as well

Snookies12142d ago

Are you serious? Not being able to keep saved progress is absolutely ridiculous. Please don't buy this game. We don't want this mentality to spread.

Derceto141d ago

Take a look around. Don't hold your breath on your request.

PhantomS42141d ago

Haven't seen any good reception for this concept. It's not going far.

TheColbertinator142d ago

Welcome to your online only future.

InKnight7s141d ago

but you must start again..... and again.

Neonridr142d ago

lol.. could you imagine. The game is in the cloud, but we aren't sure about the save games.. :P

TallonIV142d ago

No wonder they're known as Crapcom.

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The story is too old to be commented.