David Cage is overrated

Despite what Sony may want you to think, David Cage's stories are patball to Kojima's or Avellon's champion games, and he is by no means a master storyteller.

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Fantomex241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

David Cage games are great for the tech, but IMO not for the gameplay or story. I am more convinced Kojima's Death Stranding will nail those two departments.

AspiringProGenji241d ago

His games deliver in their respective kind of gameplay. I will never understand why people want to give WD shit for their gameplay yet they are okay Telltale Games and yet QD games have way more features.

As for the story they are a hit (Heavy rain) or miss (Beyond). Detroit seems to be a bit of both and apparently better than both games

And it is not like David Cage is hold on a pedestal by anyone for this guy to write an article abor DC being “overrated.” The manis just doing his job and he did it just fine with detroit. Take that as you will

getbacktogaming241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Well said! They are not for everyone though but truly exceptionnal in their own genre. To be honest I could think of a bunch of games I could call overated such as Fortnite because I dislike that style of game yet I would not call it overated because I have a brain and understand other people have different tastes.

Gaming_1st241d ago

"Despite what Sony may want you to think,"

This first quote tells a lot about the site and the journalist. Your agenda is irony at it's finest.

First off where did you get, despite what Sony wants you to think? I haven't seen or been persuaded by Sony to think one way or another. I have developed my opinion about him through his games.

Secondly, the irony is. When you say "despite what Sony wants you to think". But then you write a article about David Cage trashing him and telling what a bad story teller he is. So shouldn't it be also "despite what this amateur writer wants you to think"

Aceman18240d ago

Game journalism at its finest here lol.

Skull521240d ago

I’d never even heard the name until this article so I wouldn’t call him over rated. If you want king of over rated look to further than Kojima, guy couldn’t write a competent story to save his life.

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FlameBaitGod240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Salty liberals, I remember the Far Cry 5 review from gamespot, killing and blowing people up was fun, but one Obama joke ? thats fking insensitive and out of line ... LOL!! they are a joke

NXFather240d ago

Why so much damage taken. These games are niche.

Venox2008240d ago

i personally loved Beyond game more than Heavy rain..i liked story more too..its just those timelines were weird..thankfully as far as i know they gave an option to play timelines in order..
plus I loved Fahrenheit/indigo prophecy a lot

Imalwaysright240d ago

Because TT writers are infinetely better than David Cage is and I don't understand how you can consider Heavy Rain, a game filled with plotholes a hit in the story department. Heavy Rain's story is mediocre at best.

AspiringProGenji240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

I meant gameplay here and how some people seem not to have a problem with TT but want to talk shit about QD games. And not every TT game has been a hit anyways.

Plotholes don't necessarily make a story bad. It did have plotholes, but nothing you can't figure out yourself

Army_of_Darkness240d ago

Detroit: Become human is Hot right now, which is clearly the reason why this author is talking BS out of his mouth right now.

Imalwaysright240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Agree not every TT game is a hit but Walking Dead 1st season and Wolf Among Us are by far better than anything David Cage has ever done aside from Detroit because I didn't play it and I don't know how good or bad it is.

"Plotholes don't necessarily make a story bad" but they do in Heavy Rain's case because there are way too many that were cheap, made no sense and were just there to try to trick us.

"It did have plotholes, but nothing you can't figure out yourself"

No, for example I still don't know why the father (don't remember his name) woke up in the middle of nowhere with origami figures on his hand. Can you explain this to me or was this just another cheap trick?

morganfell240d ago


Yeah some journalism. They get a special place:

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AspiringProGenji240d ago

Ok champ! Whether Tt is better than QD or not, You have to consider that TT has already a lot of material since every game they have done is licenced, while QD games are all theirs. They are all good in their own right but QD games are superior in wvweytother department and that’s nothing againts TT but QD games are AAA. That is what I mean

Imalwaysright239d ago

TT is an indie studio. They don't have a company like Sony funding their games but for an indie studio to get the licenses they got is a testament to their quality. Yes QD games are impressive tech wise but these games are all about their story and David Cage is a mediocre writer.

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naruga241d ago

i dont like David cage either ...the games are far to overrated and almost are no "real" games, ...Sony should nt have paid exclusivity for its lame games

sizeofyou241d ago

Yet they have an audience.
Choice is key. It will do well and sell to it's target. And if you don't like, don't buy...

Miss_Vixen241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Fair enough, but just because you don't like the games doesn't mean they're overrated or lame.

nRicosS240d ago

Ur opinion far to overated

sprinterboy240d ago

Every game isn't just made for you, it's OK to like every genre of games, I don't like anime games or jrpg games but I don't go shitting on them.

kneon240d ago

His games aren't over rated, they are over criticised. Many other games have absolute shit stories but they get a pass just because they come from some other developer.

Flewid638240d ago

Telltale makes too much money off the genre for no one else to do the same.

Clearly people buy these games. lol.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod240d ago

I don't like a no one should..what are you 5 years old?

bigmalky240d ago

So you don't want Sony games to be exclusive, but you say they're overrated?

Something tells me you don't have first hand experience to rate them, and are a wee bit sore that your system of choice is lacking in 'overrated' exclusives.

Next gen, buy Playstation and you might not get so upset.

DialgaMarine240d ago

It’s a genre dude, and it’s not a very saturated one either. There’s plenty of room in the industry for games like Detroit, and clearly there’s a large enough audience out there for them to justify the costs.

sampsonon240d ago

yes you're right, we want less variety when it comes to games.

Redlife2g240d ago

Trolling at its finest... Why don't you go back to your xbox and play......... Um.... Uh..... Halo 1 with a 4k patch.

OrangePowerz240d ago

Can't speak for other people but I like story driven adventure games and the Quantic Dream games fall into that category.

Flewid638237d ago

I'm afraid you don't know how "making money" works. LMAO.

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Rimeskeem241d ago

The whole point of the games is for the story. It's literally an interactive story. LIKE BOI

trooper_240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

I disagree.

David Cage's games are very interesting. I played Heavy Rain and Beyond and it never ceases to amaze me how the gameplay tells a good story.

And also, what did you mean by 'despite what sony thinks'? Sony doesn't tell me what games I should enjoy. I can see the effort they put into their games and that's what leads me to play them.

Crap Journalism 101 at it's finest.

BehindTheRows240d ago

You clearly haven't played Detroit.

Babadook7240d ago

Love David cage stories.

robleroy240d ago

Everywone that think that TT writers are better than David cage should ask themself why TT writers write stories about already very well known characters and backstories...
Just pay for the license, give a twist in the backstory.. and sign on a couple of cartonists..

No Way240d ago

I know people will hate my reply, but I am in no way intrigued or excited for Kojimas game; albeit, that's because I have no idea what it is or what it will be and I have see no gameplay on the title - E3 may change that. But, so far - I really enjoy Detroit. Kara is my favorite, ^_^

babadivad240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

I may get killed for this but Kojima is an over rated story teller. The story in most MGS games are so damn silly. Death Standing seems to be interesting. Very interesting in fact. I am not sure how Kojima is got the reputation as pinnacle story teller in Video games.

David Cage is OK. I like his stories. Not the best, but who ever said he was? He is properly rated.

OrangePowerz240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

While the stories of his games aren't always the best or consistent, overall I find them interesting. They are by no means perfect, as example the end game in Fahrenheit just goes so far out that it just doesn't fit for me with the rest of the game. Detroit fixed a lot of things in that regard that they got wrong in the past and it shows that they learned lessons from their previous games. As for the gameplay, they are adventure games that focus on story. I take that over the constant open world games we get now that have paper thin "story" where actions have no impact at all.

In regards to Kojima. I love most of his games but story is not always his strongest point. Some of the MGS stuff is just over the top convoluted to a degree where you need a guide to know what happened and the last game was a massive let down in the story department. Very good gameplay mechanics for an action game, but the story was useless and not worthy of being part of the franchise.

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FallenAngel1984241d ago

I seriously wish David Cage could at least produce a game like we saw the tech demo The Dark Sorceror at E3 2013.

Detroit: Become Human seems to be based on that Kara tech demo, so at least there’s a smidgen of hope.

PhantomS42241d ago

I would love The Dark Sorcerer as a game, just a very goofy, silly game.

SolidGear3241d ago

Oh yeah.. that thing was hilarious :3

Jaypi03240d ago

I guess you haven't played the game yet, Kara is in the game, and her story is actually one of the best of the multiple stories told in the game.

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Nyxus241d ago

Ok, thanks for the info.

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