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MM: "We learnt yesterday that there is a lyric in one of the licensed tracks which some people may find offensive, and which slipped through the usual screening processes. Obviously MM and Sony together took this very seriously. LBP should be enjoyable by all. So within 12 hours of hearing about this issue involving a lyric (in Somalian, I believe!), we prepared an automatic day 0 patch and had a new disk image ready; however a decision was made within Sony that the right thing to do for quality and support of people with no on-line was to replace existing disks. They assure us that they are doing everything in their power to get things straightened out as fast as possible, and will announce dates soon."

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Time Lord5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

over couple of words that 99.999999999999999999999999% of people that play that game wont even understand.

Sony take the crown for gaming biggest ever $%$k up

argggggggggggg am just so agry right now

Solid08 I hope your 3£%$ing happy now.


Montrealien5718d ago

recall for one word uh? what about the 1000`s of offensive levels people will make for this game? lol

Mr_Bun5718d ago

Sorry, but the "right thing" would be to inconvenience the least amount of people as possible, which is exactly the opposite of what they are doing now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SRU96005718d ago

Sony would be very wise to rethink this.

The backlash that it will create will be insane!

HighDefinition5718d ago

The game that should have gotten DELAYED is SOCOM.

kurochi5718d ago

I'm thinking someone will make a level with LBP ASAP mocking this whole ordeal.... and I'm betting the Quran will be ripped-to-threads because of this. If you guys think this was bad, wait until this level comes out by some nut-job..... LOL

5718d ago
Gish5718d ago

i agree with you whole heartedly, but I guess you don't F*** with Islam. Youve seen rioting over a cartoon before. Over 100 people died because they were protesting the cartoon. If anything this just puts Islam in an even worse light. As if they didn't already need a huge PR campaign. This doesn't help.

Irving5718d ago

I thought the crown for biggest fckup in gaming industry is already taken by a company with its 30% hardware failures.

NegativeCreep4275718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

Yes we all know this one particular Somalian word will not even be capable of offending around 85% of LBP's audience, but regardless trying to maintain a 100% positive public feedback from the game is crucial for a new product like this, especially with Sony and MM's goals of reaching people of all consumer types with this game.

A new product like this needs to instill as much customer goodwill as it can (especially with Sony's expectations with how far this game will go this holiday season). All of this is just smart and necessary business PR.

Electricear5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

I think the difference between GTA with a (M)ature rating, and Little Big Planet with a (E)veryone rating would make it obvious why Sony did this. Just because many people here fall into the earlier rating category does mean they can ignore their content rating. Admittedly I'm not familiar with the Qur’an or what was said, but if it is significant enough for them to pull the game it was more than likely for good reason.

MiloGarret5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

"but regardless trying to maintain a 100% positive public feedback from the game is crucial for a new product like this"

So to appease the 1-2% (or even your enthusiastic 15%) affected by this they should crap on everyone else? Please explain to me how that creates a 100% positive feedback. Everything just seems weird, couldn't this just have been fixed by day-one patch? A recall and delay is overly dramatic.

Whatever, I don't care since I'm not getting the game, but I feel sorry for all those people who are, and they are quite many.

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jerethdagryphon5718d ago

they had a patch within hours

dont blame them this ones all solid08 and sonys fault

Pennywise5718d ago

Everyone needs to spam that guy.

Mr_Bun5718d ago

If something were to happen to solid08, there would be millions of suspects!

joevfx5718d ago

they are a large corporation, large corporatiosn get used all the time. if this got out im sure soem whiney baby out there would ahve gotten offended and would have brought a PR storm against Sony. LBP is the last game they want bad PR about. Unfortunatly for us Sony did the right thing for there buissnes, dont blame them blame the whiney baby that complained.

Panipal20055718d ago

I think crybaby solid08 has had his PSN ID deleted. Serves him right.

I hope any PSN ID created on that particular PS3 / IP suffers the same fate.

Downtown boogey5718d ago

They have to replace every single disc! That's gonna cost a little something. And how about the ppl who conducted the song/those lyrics? They're gonna be pwned.

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skinner65718d ago

they denyed the patch jesus ch*ist

Fishy Fingers5718d ago

Jesus wasn't the one with a problem ;)

kazuma5718d ago

yes, they were, how do you say....smart? u only download patches if ur connected to the internet, if they had sent the game to retail as it is, it could have been a potential pr nightmare. this way everyone waits a week or two and then everybody's happy

jlytle12345718d ago

waiting a week or two will not make anyone happy. you also are at risk of losing sales and going up againts wow:lich king for sales. not smart. a patch is the way to go on this.

kazuma5718d ago (Edited 5718d ago )

no it's not. now that everyone knows that there's potentially offensive lyrics in the game, word will spread and everyone will try to find them if it's released as it is. a patch is just stupid. u can't force ppl to buy the game and then connect to the internet to play the game, this is not pc territory.
u see there's a problem. the moment that word got out that there's crazy lyrics in the game, sony was f*cked. ppl would go and buy the game and NOT connect the ps3 to the internet so they could play v1.0 of the game and hear those "offensive" lyrics. however, if no one knew about these lyrics, sony could have just made a day-0 patch and as soon as ppl connected to the internet they would download the patch, there really would be no problem, no one would be aware of this.
everyone is giving the ps3 a hard time, the last thing sony needs is lbp being synonymous with offensive stuff.

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jamesrocks31475718d ago

MM made a patch for the game however sony refused the patch and said they needed to recall all the games back because those who dont have online the song cud not be patched and still playable so sony said recall all disc

Fishy Fingers5718d ago

I cant wait until release. I'm so disappointed by the politically correct BS.

If they found a few lines of scripture offense let's see how they like a wash of user generated levels attacking their religion.

DrakenSilverwing5718d ago

Agreed! theres goin to be soo many level ideas coming from this now that there would be no point for the patch in the first place.. sad but true!