New Trailer Dropped for World War Z Video Game

Twinfinite writes: "A new trailer is out for the upcoming World War Z game. While the trailer is mostly comprised of cinematics, there are some brief scenes of action-packed gameplay unsurprisingly showing groups of people emptying their ammo clips on charging hordes of zombies."

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ArchangelMike172d ago

So I guess all of a sudden we no longer have zombie fatigue aye? Hmm... I wonder just how many other games I can compare this one to, and I'm sure the gameplay won't get repetitive at all. Who wants to be there'll be a deep and gripping stoyline in this game? aye? smh /s

Let's just hope this game isn't releasing spring 2019 or else we'll never hear the end of the comparisons.

Aarongilbert065172d ago

It says coming soon so I wonder what soon really means?

Wiehahn172d ago

Yeah as much as I love zombie games it's starting to become a bit of a tired theme lol.

I think the time for Vampires has come! Damn excited to check out Vampyr! And apparently there are some rumors of a potential new Vampire Masquerade to boot!

Septic172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

"So I guess all of a sudden we no longer have zombie fatigue aye?"

Lol did you just make up your own narrative? You're first to comment and now doctored a scenario where everyone is now clamouring for zombie games and it's all suddenly okay. All of it.

"Who wants to be there'll be a deep and gripping stoyline in this game? aye? smh /s "

Stop stressing yourself out lol

Sam Fisher172d ago

Yo, seriously do you hate for fun? You stay in character when you troll

Septic172d ago

How am I the one hating?

People chat so much shit on here- so negative or have some angle all the time.

I mean come on, this is another zombie game and now the chap I'm replying to is taking about anti zombie game agendas in a sarcastic manner then formulating his own rhetoric saying "Oh it's okay now is it?". It's just stupid man.

I'm not the one hating. Just calling him out for it.

ArchangelMike172d ago

Thanks for your concern Septic, but I'm not stressed at all. I just love to point out the hypocrisy that when Days Gone gets previewed, the very first question put to the Dev is, "why do we need another Zombie game", and how they plan to tackle the "zombie fatigue", and how it's just a Last of us clone, or there's no "interesting gameplay loop." etc etc.

Well then, it seems the standard is set, so we can hold the next Devs that makes a zombie game to the same standard right, and why not?

NXFather171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Yeah some people are just cry babies. Yo I am talking about Arc. I hope none of these guys are above 26.

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zorrogalactico172d ago

I dont have zombie fatigue I think I'll never will, or anything that is apocalyptic!!! keep them coming ! How ever I will have to say that zombie games need to feel original a not repetitive or copying other games of the genre, by the way never seen a zombie game thats has this type of hordes it feels authentic !

NXFather171d ago

Well, don't spell it out for him.

Army_of_Darkness172d ago

I`ll never have zombie fatigue :) . I think this game looks mindless crazy fun! I`m still hoping for a dead nation 2 as well!

antz1104171d ago

Jeez, everything doesn't have to be a comparison to another game. People like you make these threads toxic as soon as they start. There's no hidden agenda to downplay Days Gone, just like there's no movement to make SoD2 fail.

Personally if I'm not getting L4D3 anytime soon I'll keep my eye on this one.

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jhoward585172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Yeah, it's an another Zombie game but this one has an arcade action feel to it. I like it so far.

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isarai172d ago

Y'know i applaud the devs for pulling off the large hoard accumulating on each other and climbing on one another, tha'ts gotta be hard to pull off. HOWEVER the cynic in me can't help but feel like this looks like a mobile version ripoff of Days Gone. I know it's based on the film that introduced this type of hoard first but this is less about timing and more about the fact that it looks pretty bad, especially the animations

Christopher172d ago

I think the only similarities will be zombies and third-person (if that). But, I mean, the whole horde element in Days Gone is really 'trials' content of sort and not the normal gameplay.

This feels more like a MP arcade shooter than a story driven and player-decided way of handling situations.

Abnor_Mal172d ago

Was the trailer yesterday, game looks very rough and needs more polish. Wonder if all that say Days Gone is not anything special will suddenly praise this game.
Only thing about this game that seems interesting is that it might be an MP or co op type of game.
If World War Z and Days Gone release around the same time I wonder how the sales of each will be compared to each other. Too early to talk about gameplay for World War Z, hopefully we get another video of gameplay soon.

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