Battlefield V key art leaked

Battlefield V's possible box art gets shown off prematurely

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deckardreplicant2224d ago

It's ironic how shooters video game themes and genres get stale so quickly. Now in 3-4 years old time period will be treated with hate like we do with future settings.

It will be interesting to see medieval time period though

PeaSFor2224d ago

BF1942 was awesome, hopefully we will see El Alamein and other old maps again!

FITgamer2224d ago

I won't be in that boat. I've never been let down by a Battlefield game. Yeah I like some more than others, but I genuinely enjoyed them all. Can't say that about any other shooter.

Kabaneri2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I already hate it BF1 and COD WW2 were boring and depressing af. Pop culture in general is oversaturated with World War 2 its like yeah been there done that a million times.

getbacktogaming2224d ago

You are aware the BF1 was WW1 right?

1nsomniac2224d ago

... pop culture is oversaturated with World War 2??

You do understand what pop culture means don’t you?

Kabaneri2224d ago


Yeah, and its even worse.

Crazyglues2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Yeah it does... Ok I'm getting Battlefield V this year,
Campaign Check,
Good Multi-player Check,
Looks like an Awesome game Check,

No COD for me Check, ... LoL :)

zackeroniii2224d ago

A campaign you know good and well you'll only play once...check

JaguarEvolved2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

"Yeah it does... Ok I'm getting Battlefield V this year,
Campaign Check,
Good Multi-player Check,
Looks like an Awesome game Check,

No COD for me Check, ... LoL :)"

I'll see you on battlefield v and a couple days after holdout on blops 4. Just make sure to get pc version. Every year I see people saying they won't buy some game but then end up buying it a few days after launch and then make up some story about getting it for free in a cornflakes cereal box

UltraNova2224d ago

Zack mate a mode played once is a far far far better deal than not having it at all.
Trolling score: Not too much salt - 1/10 IGN.

AnubisG2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Activision marketing works like magic on zackeroniii.

Not in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine a day when idiots will defend getting less of a game just because they are such blind fanboys. But, here we are.

morganfell2224d ago

"A campaign you know good and well you'll only play once...check"

Not true. Check, check, check.

Crazyglues2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

@ JaguarEvolved

You my friend are too awesome for words, that made me laugh so hard, the part about saying they got it for free in corn flakes... LMAO.. OMG! i'm dying from laughing too hard, that was awesome, you made my day... LOL :) that was so true and so funny...

But no I really am not getting black ops, heard to much bad that I now know is true, game will be going to a pay service, the testers said it's really not good, and it really has no campaign... that was just too much for me, I refuse to be a COD sheep...

They got me last year because of the remaster, and yes I might have tried to justify it with some lame reason, but it was not, and I swear it was not, "got it free in corn flakes..." LMAO.... :) OMG I love that, I'm going to be using that one on Facebook... man that was just too funny, you had me spilling my juice laughing so hard in front of my keyboard.. you my friend are awesome..

Thanks for that comment... that was awesome.. LoL

blady_man2224d ago

U dont know anything about this game yet... check

LiamKreptic2224d ago

We need a drinking game! Every time someone brings up COD on a Battlefield article...drink! Every time Battlefield is brought up in a COD article...drink!

We’ll all be singing kumbaya!

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angelsx2224d ago

I was hoping for modern settings after bf1 but ww2 is still welcome.I know DICE will make it fill unique.The other thing is we need to wait till 2020 for modern battlefield game.

Majin-vegeta2224d ago

Not according to AlmightyDaq...he says BC3 is coming next year from Dice LA

KyRo2224d ago

They seem to be cycling BF one year, Battlefront the next and alternate between the two. I highly doubt we will see another BF game next year unless the Battlefront series has scared EA after the loot box boycott and instead go for that Respawn Star wars game to replace BF for a year.

AnubisG2224d ago


They screwed up with both Battlefront games big time. I highly doubt that we will get SW Battlefront 3 next year. I think they will sit back and rethink their ideas for the next SWBF game rather than just crap one out as that name carries some bad feelings now. EA has abandoned BF2 already so there is no trust in the franchines anymore from gamers. I think Bad Company 3 at this point is a more likely candidate.

Tru_Blu2224d ago

@AnubisG They will have battlefront 3 out in time for the next movie, that is a guarantee.

AnubisG2223d ago


I woulf say that there willbe a Star Wars game released when episode 9 comes out but I think it will be the visceral stsr wars game that EA took over after shot down Visceral. That will also be full of MT's and lootboxes however tbey will be well hidden. I think Battlefront will be put on hol for now. But we will see. This is all just speculation on my part.

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GhostTurtle2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

This game is gonna be Vietnam..

terminallyCapricious2224d ago

I felt like battlefield 1 was a bit to much like the battlefront series. Hopefully this one feels more like battlefield 3-4.

FPS_D3TH2224d ago

Yes. BF1 felt far too casual.