How the Rumored Superman Game Could Be Epic

Why hasn’t there been a Superman game [players] think of as “great,” or even “good?” What would a new Superman game need to make it good? Can [people] ever expect the AAA industry to handle the character well in the first place?

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chris235245d ago

newsflash: „dc“ and „epic“ in the same sentence is makebelieve, not really something that happens in reality. be it comics, movies or vodeogames that got the dc brand.

mandeep1803245d ago

Have you played ANY of the Arkham games? Have you seen the animated stuff from DC like Dark Knight Returns? Go do some research and come back.

TheEnigma313245d ago

I agree with you with the current movies, but the animated movies and comics are amazing.

FloydianAndroid245d ago

“He doesn’t have a tragic past”......yeah it’s no big deal to have your whole planet destroyed and be sent off to a foreign world. LOL

cyclindk245d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Just make it like God of War, same perspective, lots of powerful substantial hand-to-hand and ranged combat, fluid like the new Spider Man game and you'd have a winner. Same for an Iron Man.

Then just do a Black Widow/Scarlet Witch duo game in the style of the previous God of War games... ;) wink, wink... the ladies...