Cancelled Factor 5 Superman Game Details and Gameplay Videos Surface

Details, plans and a gameplay video, as well as a prototype video of the cancelled Factor 5 Superman game has surfaced thanks to the Lead Developer.

Crazyglues5d ago

Wow, looked amazing, it's a little rough but you get the idea, with a little polish this could have been an awesome Superman game...

slowgamer5d ago

yeah, really cool clip. Gave an actual superman feel.

excaliburps5d ago

FYI that's the "prototype" clip and the actual gameplay one is in the's not looking that hot but mostly due to unfinished animations, textures.

Timzster4d ago

Wish we got this as a Superman game back in that generation of consoles. It would have washed away the stain that was Superman 64 and given us something to remember.

isarai4d ago

Wow, i'm impressed that they actually managed to do the crashing through buildings thing, Destruction looked pretty cool

FreeckyCake4d ago

Factor 5 are renowned for their interesting ideas ( like Lair), sad this was cancelled along with their bankruptcy.

Rambokind4d ago

Factor 5 is still around; their parent company went bankrupt, Brash Entertainment.

BrainSyphoned4d ago

Even factor 5's website says they are done.

"In 2008, due to massive changes in the game industry and the unexpected closure of several publishers, Factor 5's studio in Marin County had to stop production on multiple major titles, resulting in a closure in early 2009. Factor 5's spirit of excellence though lives on in several new ventures by its team members, both in cutting-edge technology and design that have reached and entertained many millions of living rooms"

Looks like some of the Devs have been working with Epic Games since 2019.

"Both Julian Eggebrecht and Achim Moller have joined Epic Games at the new studio, taking on 'Director of Online Technology' and 'Cologne Studio Director' roles respectively. "

ApocalypseShadow4d ago

That's a shame. There was potential like that canceled Flash game

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