’Days Gone’ will need a stellar story to save its stale gameplay - Engadget

Andrew Tarantola writes: "Days Gone looks to be a perfectly entertaining open-world adventure game. It just didn't immediately capture my imagination like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dead Rising or God of War did. That's not to say that I won't pick it up when it comes out because, again, killing zombies is kinda my jam -- just that it'd better have one heck of a compelling storyline to help carry the otherwise unremarkable gameplay."

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Storm Shadow NF149d ago ShowReplies(9)
thatguyhayat149d ago

Stale gameplay? What are you smoking? This is more of an opinion than a preview.

DigitalRaptor149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

You're right. Based on everything Bend Studio has given Game Informer access to, the gameplay is sounding anything but stale.

The 6+ varied enemy types alone guarantees that the gameplay isn't going to be stale, especially when you can dynamically turn enemies on one another for different results.

The Horde gameplay alone where there are 300+ freaks chasing you at once is exhilarating and has never been done like this in games before.

The pervasive sense of threat and crazy difficulty sounds like a good way to create dynamic encounters that prevent the gameplay from getting stale.

The motorbike that acts as an extension of your character and that you have to maintain to survive sounds like a good way to prevent gameplay from being stale.

Game Informer footage has more useful information than any of these previews. What was the point in Sony giving them limited access compared to Game Informer? It does little, just give them access to all or nothing.

And If they're judging a game labelled Alpha and is a year out from release, you'd think that would occur to them, or they could at least piece things together from Game Informer like the rest of us.

IamTylerDurden1149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

The horde gameplay, upgrades/crafting, and motorcycle riding throughout the beautiful open world looks like enough on its own to keep the game interesting and exciting. I can't wait to build the ultimate motorcycle part by part and cruise off road. I look forward to attacking missions in a variety of ways like in Deus Ex. Saving and trying to complete an objective via full stealth, guns blazing, adaptive, ect. I look forward to learning about the apocalypse and why it happened, burning down Freak nests, taking on raiders. The game likely will not have an impactful narrative in the mold of TLoU, but it looks damn fun and anything but stale.

gillri148d ago

Eurogamer has also said the same thing, they were also un-impressed with the game considering its been 3 years since we first saw this I am worried it will be at least 2 more years before we see it

bouzebbal148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

and hate begins...
tbh one thing i dislike with this game is the playable character, he's so random with no charisma at all.

blitz0623149d ago

Newsflash - (P)reviews ARE opinions

OB1Biker148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Previews and reviews are more than opinion pieces or essays. They should thoroughly inform first and foremost. I know a lot of reviewers think its all about them and their feelings but I disagree.

81BX148d ago

This piece informed you of some of the mission types, the play style and frame rate issues. Also states it's still in development.

joab777149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I’m pretty sure the story will be good. It seems to be following in the vein of recent 1st part Sony studios. And I’m sure they are commiserating with ND, Guerilla and the rest.

SquareBurgers149d ago

WARNING! WARNING! Negative PS4 story, all hands on deck!!!

lxeasy149d ago

So true ps fan boys can't take any criticism. Lol

shloobmm3148d ago

Almost every single site that got hands on has said it was stale, boring and uninspired.....sooooooooo yeah

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smolinsk149d ago

The gameplay? what the fu.. you havent played the game buddy...the gameplay looks fine, whats the problem..

Jinger149d ago

He, uh, did play the game. But it's his opinion from an early build, the game still has plenty of time in the oven.

UCForce149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Well, he did played it and yes he’s not impressed of course. But i’m glad Bend Studio to let people play the alpha build to improve the game in final release. Now say what you want about The Order 1886 but at least the game was playable and polished from start to finish in final release. I trust Bend Studio to improve the game in final release. The reason State Of Decay 2 have mixed reviews because the game filled with bugs and glitches and it was rushed in release. If I want to compare game to SOD2 in term of playable and polish, I would say God Of War. God of War bug and glitches were almost non existent and you can tell that Sony give their devs enough time to polish the game.

Jinger149d ago (Edited 149d ago )


It's funny people are still stuck on the "Bugs and Glitches" for SoD2. I have hands on experience with both GoW and SoD2 and while SoD2 lacks overall polish it has yet to have any major bugs or glitches for me. I actually had 1 game breaking glitch in GoW where a chain glitched out and I couldn't proceed and made me need to restart and another where I was trying to return my axe but it got stuck on my wrist or forearm for a while until it fixed itself. It caused me not to attack and had to only dodge for a while.

The most I have had with SoD2 was a clipping issue that didn't let me do a finishing move because one of the zombies head clipped into a curb... The rest has been fine. You can believe it or not, which you probably won't believe, but whatever, I have actually played both. /shrugs

Gaming_1st149d ago


Sorry facts do not care about your opinion.

Jinger149d ago


So my actual gameplay isn't facts? It's all the facts I need.

rainslacker149d ago

It's just odd that you're about the only person who doesn't seem to have any bugs in any MS games.

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SquareBurgers149d ago

The gameplay is stale because its been done over and over again, he doesn't mean performance. It it more of the same like all games lately.

smolinsk149d ago

So it's fine you mean, what do you expect of gameplay? If it's fine then everything is okay, better with a easy and not confusing gameplay then a very confusing one.

Rachel_Alucard149d ago

It's so bizarre to me to see someone claiming the guy who played the game didn't play the game, then saying it looks fine despite having never played the game themselves and only seeing the game through other channels.

smolinsk149d ago

But it looks fine and pretty sure it is fine, is he has played it or not the game and gameplay is gonna be fine, the gameplay looks simple and easy and that's only good.

Rachel_Alucard148d ago


Thats the problem. That "simple and easy" is why its getting the stale comments. I know you guys talk shit about how outlets are untrustworthy and paid but if a preview event has multiple groups including a pro sony site saying its stale or anything negative you know theres something wrong. Most of the comments are just people basing their opinion from a god damn video on youtube. Playing a game and watching it are 2 different things.

OB1Biker148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

The game is far from simple and easy. Its not a generic tps. You dont regenerate health, you cant go back into stealth once you are spotted, your mellee weapons break, you cant stop too long because your never safe. Etc etc inform yourself
I haven t played the game but its well reported.
The real problem that every report agrees with is it s rough. Bad framerate and that sort of thing.
The one thing is good to know is the full game is playable now. Ironing out bugs and optimizing is what they have to do from now till Spring next year. Plenty of time.

Rachel_Alucard148d ago


I'm gonna ignore the biased avatar red flag but everything you listed has already been done in many other zombie survival games. When someone says this is stale, it means that what is being done is not new or fresh or interesting or exciting. They are right about that just based on those traits you listed.

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ZombieKiller149d ago

Still buying it despite this opinion piece. The gameplay looks anything BUT stale.

shloobmm3149d ago

Read Euroganers article they agreed with this one and they have played it.

xX-oldboy-Xx149d ago

Read GI articles and watch the videos on YouTube - they seem to have a fair bit praise towards it.

AspiringProGenji149d ago

Good for you for picking that preview up and sticking with it. You know there’s positive press too right? Seeing how you are spamming this comment I’dsah your antti-DG marketing won’t change eveyone’s mind

Lamboomington149d ago

I don't know, looks pretty stale to me, but not in a way that they can't fix. The game is a whole year away from release.

IMO it just needs some flavour, and some of that will come with polish I think. I see a lot of potential with this game, but it has not impressed me thus far. That's okay though, because this is an early alpha.

X-Alchemist149d ago

Lol are you guys trolling? '...But it looks.' '...that's impossible they said...' These people have literally played the game and if most are saying the same thing, god forbid they might actually be on to something. Holy mother, put down your bongs and take Bends d*ck out from your mouths.

RDF149d ago

Didn't this site give stat of decay 2 a high score? If so then then site should just be ignored.

Prince_TFK149d ago

They should be ignored because they give a game that they like a 3.5/5? Wow, logic.

FernDiggidy148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Did they? or are you just saying that to prove a point?

Edit: they did....smfh! Proceed.