EA E3 2018 Preview

Kieran from WellPlayed previews EA's upcoming E3 (EA Play) 2018 conference

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Retroman148d ago

All i want to hear from Ea : we're sorry. we banned loot boxes forever. and we are working on " NON-open world nfs title. we decided bring NFS back to basic arcade chase using frostbyte engine. that announcment would get me EXCITED for nfs again.

Derceto148d ago

EA E3 2018 Preview? Garbage.

Easiest article ever.

Platformgamer148d ago

without visceral games, i'm expecting nothing from them, just to be bored.
never say never tho

PapaBop148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Easiest preview/prediction in the world.. Loot Crates, UT Packs, Loot Crates, Sports titles, Loot Crates, Online shooter, Loot Crates and maybe another online focused game.. oh and more Loot Crates!

Jokes aside, get a puke bucket ready for those brave enough to endure it. You just know they are going to take the stage and talk up what a lovely player friendly company they are.