15 NES Games That Need to Come to Nintendo Switch Online

With the announcement of NES games on Switch, COGconnected takes a look at 15 classic Nintendo Entertainment System games that need to make their way to the system.

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strayanalog1841d ago

For the most part, give it time and be patient.

PhoenixUp1841d ago

How ridiculous is it that Nintendo can guarantee voice chat for every old NES game on this service but not for every new Switch game?

Nintendo continues to have messed up priorities

Teflon021841d ago

to be honest, Nintendo titles really aren't good to me. I did grow up with a nes and snes. Only really played the snes outside of the zelda 1 on the nes because I had mario allstar + mario world eventually. I only care to hear snes titles. I need Yoshi's Island on the go and hope n64 titles like mickey's speedway USA release too.

FancyMudkip1841d ago

I can careless about NES titles to be honest. Hopefully we will see SNES, N64 and maybe NGC titles coming.

OnDec761840d ago

Until Nintendo announces Gamecube games and drops the paywall for Cloud Saves, they will not get my money

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