Steam Link App for Android Out Now

Neocrisis - The Steam Link app for Android devices is now available, free of charge and in beta for users everywhere.

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Captain_J_Sheridan158d ago

wow... it's incredibly shitty... I did not expect that

Unreal01158d ago

Works well for me. What do you find shitty about it?

Captain_J_Sheridan157d ago

Audio skips a lot and controls are not responsive at all

Was expecting something like remote play on PS4 and PS Vita

TardcoreGamer157d ago

You need a 5ghz wifi connection for it to work well. Also it's in beta so theres still bugs that may need ironed out

TardcoreGamer158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Its pretty decent for it being in beta. I just got done testing it out. After i heard they were gonna release it this month I ordered a "game clip" off Amazon. They are around $10 and essentially join your phone and xbox one controller together. Took all of ten minutes to set up everything. input lag is around 35ms says the diagnostic metric bar i have toggled on..not great but not terrible either and totally playable for most games.

DaReapa157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

If you're familiar with how the Steam Link hardware works, it's essentially like that, except your phone serves as your tv/monitor. Basically, PC game streaming to your phone.

So far, I have a Logitech F710 for my controller. It's a little janky at the moment, but eventually I'll try using my DS4 as a makeshift Steam Controller since that's what I use for my TV Steam Link.

agent4532157d ago

Ok thank you for the information