Hangar 13 Wasn't Making Some Big Social Statement with Mafia III; Will Keep Focusing on Storytelling

Hangar 13's Andrew Wilson looked back at Mafia III and stated there wasn't any kind of big social statement in the game, as the developers were merely trying to be authentic to the time period. He then added that the studio will keep focusing on storytelling heavy games.

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porkChop157d ago

The story was fantastic, and the performances were so well done. I can't wait for their next game. I just hope they fix the AI issues with the next one. That was my only real problem, they were so easily exploitable that it made the game too easy.

UCForce157d ago

I also hope the side quest to be like Witcher 3 side quest. That was problem in Mafia 3. I hope they can improve it.

bloop157d ago

Even though I did relatively enjoy going through the game, yes, the A.I. is absolutely atrocious by today's standards.

Hardiman157d ago

The performances were great! Just loved the story and the game world! The side quests just need to be more like Wild Hunt and less like Mafia III!

ccgr157d ago

I love games with good stories, will have to look into this series

Alexious157d ago

It's pretty cheap now on PC.

mafiahajeri157d ago

Lol yes you were. Flaunting the racism in the game with the trailers. The trailers didn't look anything like the final product too. Trying to sell a game on controversy is so so weak.

The story was shallow, the missions were boring af and gunplay and driving was better in Mafia 2.

The protagonist was boring, and those "missions" where you visited the priest and just talked didn't flesh out jackshit.

When I think of Mafia I think of the Italian mafia, it's not like there's an abundance of Italian mafia based games out there. You tried to reinvent the wheel Hangar 13, and came out with a mediocre game. Stick to the Mob in a City like New York or Chicago.

The graphics and general aesthetic of the game was depressing, whereas Mafia 2 was vibrant and colorful. I mean look how bad Mafia 3 looked at night, pathetic.

TheGamingEffect157d ago

Sir me and you know the real reason why you hate this game. Stop lying.. Mafia 3 did have optimization issues, and a few bugs, but they fixed all of that quickly. The story was definitely one of the best video games stories in a long time.. Lastly You might want to do your history on the Mafia, yes it started with Italians, but one of the most ruthless Mafia clicks in United States History, were The Black Mafia out of Philadelphia, (And please dont confuse them with The Junior Black Mafia, that came after them) Then look up the Jamaican Mafia aka The Shower Posse. I swear Racism is a live and well, even in video games.

Abnor_Mal157d ago

Excellent comment. Was about to write something myself, but you did a great job at stating your opinion AND facts.

Abnor_Mal157d ago

Judging by the disagrees, your comment was not excellent. I was not about to write something myself, and you did not do a great job stating your opinion AND facts.

Do not try to make any kind of counter argument, as the disagrees have spoken. Anything you say now is null and void.

mafiahajeri156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

LMAO what a pathetic assumption. I'm Arabic and my religion doesn't permit me to be a racist.

You must be one of those African Americans with that victim mindset who jumps at anyone's throat if he dislikes anything with black people in it.

Before I get my history lesson, learn how to read. I said when I think Mafia, as in the game, not the actual word.

Giving me a rundown of gangs acting like he works for gangland and assuming I'm only familiar with the Italian mob.

And plus I don't give two shits what gangs were the more ruthless, I grew up watching Italian mob flicks and I prefer them over any other gangs, does that mean I'm racist in your delusional mind? Also the last two Mafia games were Italians, IMO they should have stayed that way instead of branching out to other gangs.

My opinion would be the same if it was based on triads, Yakuza or the Russians and Irish.

Best story LMAO that's rich, stop lying? What are you 12? Did I insult you that bad for saying this game was ass at launch? And no, no patch is gonna fix those dreadful dreary ass graphics and floaty ass car physics. The gun play was shite too, so damn bad.

Lol "we all know why you hate the game" I guess all the critics who gave it bad reviews are racist too 😂 pathetic... Playing the race card too a tee because I don't like the game 😂

I don't live in America BTW I wouldn't live there if you paid me too so don't associate me with some of the people in your country who you feel are racists and have hidden agendas in your society.

You're just Paranoid that everyone's a racist lol

cybershocker455157d ago

Why is it that even when a AAA games tells its thematic ideas well, it downplays them and say it's not trying to say something?

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