What has Sony really lost?

A great look at what Sony really has lost since stepping into next gen with the Ps3. Looking at the subject from a non biased stand point, you can really see how trivial fanboys actions become.

littletad5615d ago

Oh how the hilarity ensues.

Anyway, he mentions he gets ton's of mail on n4g? Does this mean he's a community member? If so, how is this considerably news worthy?

SL1M DADDY5615d ago

Sony has lost several exclusives to their console this generatio but after seeing how they have bolstered their own first party developers and created a larger internal gaming division, it would seem that they might have seen the loss of these exclusives coming. They knew what was going to happen since it is more lucrative to go multiplatform and decided to bring the new exclusives under their own roof. It's a plan that seems to have taken some time to nail down but they have since done so and it is working.

Josie295615d ago

360 fans should start beating the fvck out of ps3 fanboys for their nazi like way of thinking. I know I'm going to.

Tempist5615d ago

I think, unfortunately, you three missed the point. He's 100% right on the exclusives. With all the inflation caused by skyrocketing dev costs (because those EA executives need those gold rollsroyces) it only make sense for them to roll a product out on 40 million potential platforms for the same cost as rolling out on 20 million potential platforms.

All and all, sony didn't fail anyone, people just put too high of expectations on something new and untested without any information on what was happening.

JokesOnYou5615d ago (Edited 5615d ago )

-When you make foolish statements like this:

"We all know the xbox 360 is in the lead right now but they're not selling to anyone that isn't outside their xbox 1 fan base and install base." -silogon

-Then its laughable when your "blog" has this tagline:

"The only unbiased gaming site on the block"

-First rule of journalism, never state personal opinions or incorrect/inaccurate/*unsubsta ntiated data as fact, in other words don't pull BS out of you @ss as if you know who owned what and what they spent their money on= NO CREDITABILITY

-I mean I read a few comments from your site and one of them even posted this:

"Doomguy said...
Good article, but I disagree with your second statement. I have been a Sony supporter for the last two generations (I own both a PS1 and a PS2), but this generation I chose the Xbox 360 over the PS3, even though I hated the original Xbox. And I have some friends that did the same thing."

Surely there are quite a few gamers who did or will do the same, furthermore, if what you say is true, you would assume that 100+ mil install base of sony would have translated into at least 1/4(25+ mil) of them being loyal sony fans who would of brought a ps3 by now, the fact that ps3 sales aren't huge when you consider last gen's install base suggests that many gamers have either decided to get other consoles (wii or 360...err looks like the wii converted alot of those "casuals" which made ps2 so successful last gen) or that they are at least waiting to get the console that has the right games and value for their money.


Silogon5615d ago

You think I'm biased for stating the truth? It is true. Microsoft with the xbox 360, until it has sold more than 26.8 million units worlld wide, has not out sold or gained any ground on their previous console attempt and install base.

I stand by my claims. Also, I allow any andall comments on the site; unless they are duplicates or malicious to a fault I'm all for being called names, but some of the stuff some of these people say isn't needed. I don't care if you like me, or agree with me; I just don't want death threats and other childish behavior littering the site and causing others to not post there cause they're affraid theyll be the next target.

I want it to be a little more productive than it is now, even. I am working hard to ensure that too. I have a great new interface and layout coming.

As for the write up; Ii stand by the entire thing. Read the site, if you'd like, and you'll see I am fair about every jab I give. I'll give it to Microsoft just as easily as I will to Sony.

I would like to thank you for reading and spending some of your time on it, though.

The Lazy One5615d ago

yes... truth...

I know more people with a 360 that never owned an xbox than people that moved from xbox to 360.

Don't pretend like any of that is even a shred factual. It's just the "facts" you've decided make sense inside your own mind.

Silogon5615d ago (Edited 5615d ago )

I don't care how many people you know with xbox 360's... They "microsoft" have gained no ground from last gen to this one. Deal with it. So, again, I don't care how many people you know with an xbox 360, if the previous xbox owners aren't "jumping in" it still means, not as many are "jumping in" as they did last gen.

As I said, and my claims are valid...

Xbox 26.8 million units in 4 years time
Xbox 360 21 million in 3 years time

That is called less than = market share. You can't argue this fact.

The Lazy One5615d ago

The original xbox had 12 million consoles sold at the end of 2004 (3 years after launch). 360 has 21 million sold in the same time period.

Let's do a little math...

21-12 = 9 million sales difference between the xbox and the 360 in the same time period. that's 175% more.

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sinncross5615d ago

Some of his points are valid, some not so.

Regardless, I think PS3 will do just fine... it's really starting to kick into gear this year, outselling the 360's so far in 2008. IF LBP is all that it is deemed to be, PS3's sales could sky rocket and there appears to be enough software from here on to ext year to keep sales alive.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5615d ago (Edited 5615d ago )

The thing that will keep Sony in the game is their business decisions on the console they've made so far. Microsoft just got a head start without the head start I think Sony would have made the XBOX 360 extinct. Sony is a year behind and still has some moves up its sleeve.

If you think about it HD gaming really did start when Sony released their console. Ridge Racer 7 anyone; than Microsoft got an update to support full HD (1080p) and secretly added HDMI ports to Pro/Arcade models. Thus, the Elite was born, lol. This is why I think the XBOX 360 can't do 1080p for its retail games.

edhe5615d ago (Edited 5615d ago )

360 added 1080p before the ps3 was on the market in the second update of that year. So the 360 was first to fullhd.

Both console can managed 1080p just fine, it's whether it's worth it or not that counts.

I'd rather have gears/cod4/bioshock/mgs4/etc at 720p than have half life 2 at 1080p.

Bottom line is that you get better art if you spend more power on that, instead of resolution and framerate. The game will look better with better art, not resolution.

NB i get 1080p out my 360 via component \o/

sajj3165615d ago

Not 1080p native ... please do your research. You can not have 1080p native through component cables. This is why 360 put HDMI in ...

darkequitus5615d ago

The 360 does not have many, but is virtual tennis not a retail game. Your argument fails

darkequitus: XBL/PSN/Steam/XFire/WoW

JOLLY15615d ago (Edited 5615d ago )

They both accept 1080p resolution through component cables......natively. So if anyone needs to do their research, it's you. Also this article proves ou wrong also http://www.hdtvantennalabs.... (don't just read paragraph 2, make sure you also look at paragraph 3). A lot of companies limit the component cable to 1080i because they also have hd video players. Before HD-DVD and blu-ray they didn't limit the component ports though.

Time_Is_On_My_Side5615d ago (Edited 5615d ago )

PS3 Virtua Tennis 3 in 1080p HTML: http://www.1up.com/do/newsS...

Virtua Tennis 3 for Xbox 360 in 1080p HTML: http://www.seganerds.com/20...

Virtua Tennis 3 on 360 Adds 1080p Support HTML: http://www.1up.com/do/newsS...

According to the last article this was the first 1080p native game for the XBOX 360. The PlayStation 3 already had two confirmed at launch of the system. Ridge Racer 7 was a launch title that ran at 1080p at 60fps. No launch title for the XBOX 360 to run at 1080p at 60fps. Halo 3 isn't even 720p, lol.

I find it weird that Microsoft can update hardware through updates to support 1080p. So would this mean if my SDTV had an internet source with no HDMI it would be able to run 1080p videos? When something is made specifically to run at a certain resolution they need hardware updates to it run at a higher resolution.

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Robearboy5615d ago

The only problem Sony have right now is the price point when you compare it to the competitors, i know that Blu ray is the reason the price is higher but for me a games console is for games and as soon as a company looses sight of that, thats when things get complicated. Once the price becomes more accessable then just watch the sales figures roll in

Final_Rpg5615d ago

FF13 was said to be exclusive. I distinctly remember seeing it on that awesome flash thing they had "Only on PlayStation 3."

Twiky5615d ago

it is, maybe that's what you saw

Lucreto5615d ago

Yes in Japan it is exclusive but everywhere else is multiplatform.

It will be funny it there was a Coup d'état in SE lead by Sonys shareholders and they kick out Yoichi Wada. There seems like there is some infighting going on.