Do ‘murder simulators’ lead to real acts of violence?

Many video games are violent. Children enjoy video games. Are they just for fun or are they actually diabolical programs designed to desensitize our most vulnerable members of society to the horrors of violence and train them through repetition to become compassionless killers with superhuman reflexes? Let’s explore this topic.

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porkChop181d ago

As of right now there is no evidence, and never has there been any evidence that video games incite or are related to real world violence. In every case of a gamer, or moviegoer, etc., inflicting real world violence, the person has always had severe mental health/stability issues.

So it would be nice if we could stop bringing up this topic that has been disproven year after year, and instead focus on the actual issue for once.

Minute Man 721180d ago

Big Pharmaceutical is the problem. We have all seen these commercials for anti depressants listing there side effects but it's never questioned🤔

PaleMoonDeath180d ago

Lol. Farm simulators don't make me a farmer. 90's issue :P

Picnic10180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Farming's hard though - and it's a full time occupation. Murder doesn't have to be hard in the physical sense of the act itself and heaven help everyone if it's a full time occupation.

InTheZoneAC180d ago

No, but I'm sure tbagging someone has led to the person on the receiving end temporarily rage and possibly be violent with their controller

bluefox755180d ago

Nope. Despite this being common knowledge, you still regularly see these articles.

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The story is too old to be commented.