Which Handheld Console Is Best for You?

If you want to do some gaming on the go, these are the handheld consoles to consider.

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EddieNX 247d ago

Ermmm the Switch? Ps vita has barely any worthwhile games and is a dead platform and the 3DS has had its day

TekoIie246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

It's not a bad system, but its major problem is that there isn't a single "must own" title. It failed to get that killer app that all systems need to survive. To give an example the Switch has BotW, Mario: Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2. These 4 games are probably the biggest driver of sales so far and the main reason the Vita struggled is that it never received a game of this calibre to push the hardware.

247d ago
Uglyday246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

My PsP and load of bargain priced RPGs I got on ebay is my go to. Otherwise my phone is all I need to mindlessly waste time away from home.

I am currently enjoying Monster Hunter Stories on my 3ds but after that I’m pretty much done with it. My kids play the Switch portable but I never play it on the go.

Prince_TFK246d ago

As this point it is a competition between Nintendo itself, with the 3DS and the Switch. I don’t think there are any other viable handheld right now in the market.

Jurat246d ago

I own pretty much every portable platform from the last 30 years, but my current favorite is the Gameboy Advance SP (AGS-101 backlit screen).

Decent examples can be found quite cheaply. It's small and light with a great form factor (I love the clamshell design) and when partnered with a EZ-FlashIV cart you have access to a huge library of amazing games, including original DMG and Colour titles.

Insane battery life and zero load times means it's always with me - currently playing through Golden Sun, but there;s literally hundreds of titles still on my 'to-play' list.

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