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The Truth Behind the Single-Player Dilemma

The whole single-player thing has started up again. But why are people talking about it when games with fantastic campaigns are selling so well? Here's why!

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Community181d ago
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Eonjay182d ago

Its a ccc article. So on its face you know its gonna be trashy. The truth is simple. Single player games were never questioned until Phil Spencer tried to dismiss them. He even mentions two of his competitors stellar efforts in his speech. Microsoft uses Phil as a tool to wrap the minds of the people who trust him. When did Microsoft last put effort into making a quality single player on par with GOW before sending Phil to dismiss them? They were doing well before he started slob knobbing on EA and they will exist after he is gone. Quality breeds attention and attention leads to higher sales. What some of these companies hope to bring you (Sony even made comments advocating this practice) is service based low budget content (Sea of Thieves) to keep you paying constantly, like a new bill, while expecting you to even 'make your own fun'.

In short, it is the goal of some publishers to make us think that single player games aren't wanted to drive their narritive to shoehorn us into services to increase their profits. That is it. There is nothing else.

Apocalypse Shadow182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Perfectly summed up in a package wrapped in a bow.

Listen to what he's saying. Gamers like me warned everyone of micro transactions, dlc,season passes, paying for online when it started,etc. And most of you didn't listen.

With some gamers making excuses that publishers deserve even more money out of our wallets than the $60-$65 US we already spend if it's not on sale. Even said publishers deserve money from used sales to retail or a friend. What company ever gets a cut from something you sold from your house? None of them. Why should game publishers.

Again, we're warning you of the slippery slope of Gaas and the death of single player games not tied to online. You'll regret it later like we've been saying over and over.

Sometimes I even think there are employees who work for these companies or shareholders who jump into threads hoping to push these things and screw us gamers over. We'll continue to spit the truth to those that will listen. Luckily, some of you listened during the launch DRM fiasco from one company I won't mention....Luckily.

quent181d ago

Preorders: since 2007

DLC's: since 2008

Season Passes: since 2012

MT's: since 2013

Lootboxes: since 2015

DigitalRaptor182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

"Single player games were never questioned until Phil Spencer tried to dismiss them."

Well that is 100% true. What he tried to proclaim to damage control how poor of a year that Xbox was having in 2017 was one of the most disingenuous things a person at the head of a gaming brand could have done, instead of just keeping quiet. Only to be matched by him pushing the perception that PS4 Pro should be lumped in with the XB1S, rather than the XB1X. He knew what he was doing when he said all of this.

IamTylerDurden1181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Phil and MS says these things strategically in order to drive public perception in the direction they want. Of course MS wants a diminished sp market so their GaaS/mp agenda can thrive. Of course MS wanted the PS4 Pro to fail so it would help push Xbox One X sales. At the time PS4 Pro launched it was 4.2tf and Phil and Co were insulting it while the strongest Xbox console at the time was about 1.3tf? It was uncanny, and people ate it up. MS just hasn't had the games or the juice this gen so they've resorted to some very underhanded strategies to stay relevant. Spin, manipulation, and lies have defined the Xbox Division this gen. Just look at all the MS talking points in chronological order this gen.

UCForce181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

EA and MS said single player games don’t have “impact” which mean Single Player games don’t have modernization for them to control. That’s why publishers choose MP to modernize consumers infinitely with loot boxes and MT. Back in the old days, when MP was simple, fun and easy get into, but most importantly it wasn’t modernization back then. Now these days publishers abuse them.

bigmalky181d ago

Indeed. I've been saying this about the subject since it came up years ago. The push for all the shady practices in modern gaming came from a few companies trying to stranglehold the market, and it has got worse the more they leak money and are exposed for wronging customers.

Microsoft, EA, Warner Brothers Interactive, Activision and Take Two all have a hand in trying to steer the industry into their hands... Fortunately, we're not all dumb as a rock.

This needs more exposure.

Imalwaysright181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

More exposure? Gamers are the ones accepting those practices. Gamers are the ones that bought GTA V and its shark cards in the millions. Gamers are the ones that bought 30 million copies of Overwatch. Gamers are the reason why Destiny 2 was the 2nd best selling game of last year. Gamers are the ones buying millions of copies of CoD and Fifa games each year. PUBG ís already one of the best selling games of all time and who knows how much money Fortnite and League of Legends are making. You're trying to fight a fight that is already lost from the get go.

All that Phil did was to say the truth about the impact that MP games have on this industry.

DivineAssault 181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Believe it or not, Don Mattrick was MUCH more experienced for the job.. He was an actual gamer and not a business PR guy.. Sure the xb1 was a screw up but thats because MS had him juggling way too much.. Xbox (from the beginning) might not have had the best exclusives, but they at least had some to make it different.. Phil Spencer came in and decided the most powerful console was the answer.. Exclusive AAA IPs be damned/cancelled.. Just lie by having the word "EXCLUSIVE" shot off to confuse and shut up fans.. More power and reliving the glory days is what he gave fans instead of compelling new games to justify a new console.. Think of all the R&D and whatever else was spent to make digital BC, the xb1s & then xb1x.. All the money and resources used couldve made much better things happen.. Yet people cheer that man.. Yet he got a promotion.. Know why? Because he fooled the fans with his BS PR talk.. He fooled them into buying 1-2 of the same console with pipe dreams.. Hes a snake and i feel bad for his victims because some still dont see what hes done to them

UCForce181d ago

And that’s the problem with Phil Spencer. At first, I believed Phil could turn thing around for Xbox, but no he literally make thing worse. People defending him and MS for poor reason. They literally make MS an anticompetitive which is bad idea.

SuperSonic91181d ago

Everytime yhe MS PR department open its mouth they open a can of worms.
Never in the history of gaming has a platform's press relations so instrumentally killed it.

It's self incrimination at its worst.

Like they are intentionally wanting to take all the wrath o f the gaming community!


Clearly MS Xbox division is at a lost.

Eonjay181d ago

Well, its not like they want our wrath, its just that they have gotten away with so much overtime that they seriously came to the conclusion that everyone, starting with gamers themselves, were idiots and that they could tell us whatever they wanted.

DivineAssault 180d ago

Phil Spencer (with no gaming background) took feedback from fans & we got the xb1x as well as this digital BC.. Ok thats like him addressing launch day issues and not BIG issues plaguing the machine to this day.. "Hey team, lets make the strongest console of all time! Then use modern tech to touch up games from the previous gen".. Wheres the new games? "We had to cancel some guys, all this went over our budget but we kept the best one.. Crackdown 3..... You know, its part 3 so people had to of liked the first 2 of them.. Right??? Guys???"--Phil

IamTylerDurden1181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Exactly. MS wanted to promote a false narrative (that people don't want SP games) in order to force people into believing it. This way MS won't receive as much criticism for abandoning SP games. I would assume they also are trying to help diminish the SP genre thus helping to drive their GaaS/MP agenda. Perception is reality and the more you put something out there the more people will believe it.

MS has always been great at dirty tactics and manipulation. They put out a beautiful counter attack against PS4 Pro and ultimately damaged public opinion on it and made people think it was unpowered while it by far the most powerful console. MS made people mock checkerboard 4K while their console could barely hold 900p. It was bloody brilliant

bigmalky180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Do you think they have paid certain media outlets to push their agenda?

It's funny how a lot of supposedly credible sites are publishing articles about single player games being dead, and the numerous posts this week about how Sony have failed fans at E3.

Starting to really believe that Microsoft are using money for propaganda and damage control at this point. Surely, legitimate sites don't actively believe this tripe after all the years of disappointment from MS.

salmonade181d ago

Man well said. Said everything I've been thinking in a great way.

rainslacker181d ago

That's not entirely true about Phil Spencer kicking all this off. This was a thing last gen too, although it was focused more on trying to validate the existence of MT. But even back then, there was a lot of talk about how MP would take over. At the same time, mobile was going to take over. Apparently everything is stacked against SP, even though it really isn't.

Spencer just kicked it all off again, because he was more upfront and specific about it. He also pretty much said that they were going for GaaS, coining a new term to try and sell what people have been saying they aren't that keen on for the past decade.

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PhoenixUp182d ago

There is no dilemma, just some publishers spouting BS

IamTylerDurden1181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

There is no dilemma. Great games are great games regardless of genre. Greedy publishers putting it out there doesn't make it true. Phil and Co put this nonsense out there to create a false perception inorder to help the Xbox brand.

Spin, manipulation, and lies have defined the Xbox Division this gen. Just look at all the MS talking points in chronological order this gen.

Play the game not the resolution
Power doesn't matter
PS4 aka Indie-Station
Secret sauce
The Cloud
Checkerboard/faux k and PS4 Pro being weak
True 4K on Scorpio
Power is everything
Scorpio will be THE console for VR
VR games are terrible and basically just experiments atm
We love indies
SP games are irrelevant
MP games and GaaS are our focus

bigmalky181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Delete please

PapaBop181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

There is no single player dilemma, I always have a single player game on the go and still have a huge back catalogue to go through. Sony have focused this gen on offering a large diverse lineup of mostly single player focused games and are currently in a league of their own in terms of dominance.

Only dilemma I see is MTs being linked to gambling and the legal implications associated with that. Thanks largely to EA's greed, we're seeing more and more questions get asked about the ethical nature of MTs and more and more reviews have started to cover just how intrusive they are as a standard. That's a potentially far bigger dilemma for the industry than good ol single player games.

FallenAngel1984181d ago

Sony and Nintendo sure do have a serious dilemma on their hands

The fastest selling games on PS4 & NS are single player titles. Oh the inhumanity whatever will these publishers do? 🤨

kneon181d ago

Hopefully they will step up to the challenge or go under.

Stop trying to milk every last penny out of gamers, if you make a great game it will make money. Stop using focus groups to make a game that appeals to the lowest common denominator and give developers more creative freedom. Look what happened to Overstrike once EA got their hands on it, generic borefest.

Imalwaysright181d ago

On the switch, yes. On the PS4 nope, not even close.

SuperSonic91181d ago

You are absolutely correct!
They are so out of touch with gamers today.

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