15 Best Stealth Games of All Time

GB: "There’s nothing quite like a good stealth game- that palpable sense of tension, those moments of strategizing and planning out your next moves, that welling sense of accomplishment when you put your plans into action and actually pull it off."

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Artemidorus925d ago

Let's hope we get another Splinter Cell game.

nowitzki2004925d ago

Dont click... You will need to click about 15 times

Movefasta1993925d ago

Chaos theory is the goat of the genre.

Z501924d ago

Next to Snake Eater. Yea, I said it ;-)

Movefasta1993924d ago

Lol it's a tough one I love mgs3

InTheLab925d ago

The absence of Sly Cooper and the presence of amy Assasins creed makes this an embarrassing list.

Mgs5 is not better than snake eater and 15 clicks...


Z501924d ago

Gameplay wise, yes, MGSV is better.

*Snake Eater is the best in the series imo because of story. BUT, before and after subsistence. You could never crouch-walk and you had to go into the menu every time you wanted to change camo. Unlike MGS4. *I know, it was the 60's. But The Fear and other tech.

Z501924d ago

Wrath of Heaven > Stealth Assassins