5 iconic video game characters that stood the test of time

Wiehahn Diederichs, Gearburn writes :"What would the world of video games be without its champions, a string of digital personalities that has kept us captivated and immersed in their strange fictional worlds? While most of these characters barely see the light of day and quickly disappear into obscurity, there are a select few that have stood the test of time. And to this day are able to rally us behind their cause.
We’ve decided to pay homage to these characters, so that they and all who read this may know that they are loved in all their senseless glory."

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Wiehahn156d ago

This is only Part 1 (think editor forgot to add, will fix)! Part 2 will be published later this month and features Samus :)

TricksterArrow156d ago

Hmmm. When you have to literally reimagine and recreate a character from ground up so he or she can be more appealing, I wouldn't consider it as "stood the test of time". Lara Croft is not the same as she used to be, she most definitely did not stood the test of time.

Wiehahn156d ago

Fair enough, I see where you're coming from! But most of these character have been reworked to some extent and I don't think any of them are any less deserving of the 'Iconic' title because of it. While Lara has received a considerable visual makeover, her core character hasn't changed all that much, I mostly just think there is more to her than before, she is a more complex character.

SuperSonic91156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

The rebooted Lara Croft is no where near the original's personality and character. The reason why tbey rebooted her is because the original did not stand the test of time.

Now I am glad Kratos is still tje same Kratos even though much have changed in his new game.