Should you buy a Gameboy Advance SP?

The Gameboy Advance SP is an upgraded version of the original Gameboy Advance. It housed a great library of video games and was backwards compatible with Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. But should you buy one today?

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PhoenixUp1172d ago

I’m buying some GBA games on VC for Wii U

Jurat1171d ago

As someone who owns a lot of handhelds, from the original Dot-Matrix Gameboy through to the Switch, I have to say the SP (AGS-101) is my favourite portable console. Awesome library of games and backwards compatible.

Currently playing through Golden Sun (fantastic little RPG) in tandem with Mother 2 (Earthbound).

I currently have four SPs (found at yard sales, charity shops, etc) - I love rescuing them, refurbing and re-shelling them with aftermarket cases.

Cobra9511171d ago

"The DS seems like the better choice, because the DS can play Gameboy Advance games and includes a headphone jack. While I previously stated my opinions about the DS and how it felt dated, I do think the DS is a great system especially if you want to utilize the Gameboy Advance slot. The DS is also about the same price as a Gameboy Advance SP, if not sometimes cheaper."

He answers his own question. The headline immediately made me think about the DS. I still have mine, and that's what I play my GBA games on (and DS games, ofc), though I haven't touched it in a while.

terrorofdeath1171d ago

I recently found my old GBA SP in storage the other day, and when I turned it on, the battery was still working perfect.

uth111171d ago

these things are great, fit easily into your pocket and the battery lasts forever on a single charge.

possibly my favorite handheld ever

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