Why Did Everyone Hate Rage?

Kieran from WellPlayed discusses why despite all its rage Rage was still just a rat in a cage

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NecrumOddBoy1849d ago

I didn't hate it. It was an awesome but flawed game. One of the best action driven first person shooters out there. Also a graphical masterpiece of it's time.

sizeofyou1849d ago

Nothing to add,, your honour. Agree ^
Therefore, "everyone" didn't "hate" it...

UltraNova1849d ago

I didn't hate it either. Its was a very good looking FPS with nice weighty gun-play and a mediocre mission design and execution.

They now know what went wrong so I have resonable expectations from the sequel.

Reibooi1848d ago

yeah i agree I thought the general opinion when it came out was that it was a good enough game but it had some flaws that could be ironed out in a sequel.

I'm very interested in how this turns out. If enough of the original issues with the first game are addressed RAGE 2 could be something pretty special.

mikeslemonade1848d ago

Rage was on weak hardware, even if the PS4 and Xbox are still too weak. Rage 2 will only be good on PC.

XbladeTeddy1849d ago

I loved it too, but so dam short. Needed more added to it.

CitizenFour1849d ago

Agree 100%.

I think one of the main problems is that there was just not enough to do. The open world was empty apart from vehicles. it really lacked quality side missions and interesting characters to meet throughout the world, apart from the ones in the settlements.

From a gameplay standpoint, and graphical standpoint, it was ahead of its time. I would absolutely love a sequel. It would give Bethesda a chance to flesh out some of the issues with the first and improve upon it.

BenRage31848d ago

I never realized how much love the community has for me. <3

Fist4achin1848d ago

Not just yet. You're rage 3!

Almost there.

sizeofyou1848d ago

Come back in 2025. We may have communal affection towards - you BUT ONLY if 2's any good...

n1kki61848d ago

Group think. Once a couple reviews go south the games media will pile on. This happens in both directions both positive and negative. But group think is a huge problem in games, because everyone wants to be part of the same conversation. Ironically if a game is critically reviewed as great, if a mediocre review comes along it's click bait. However, if a poorly reviewed games as a few positive outliers its all good. But again, to answer your question group think. For the most part, everyone that I know that played rage loved it.

BenRage31848d ago

I liked it a lot. I would buy a remaster for current gen consoles if it was available. Pure FPS fun.

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strayanalog1849d ago

Nice Bullet with Butterfly Wings reference. I like to smash pumpkins too.

I agree. Rage was a victim of its time with the FPS oversaturation. I am looking forward to seeing what Rage 2 can offer and what id Software brings to the table.

Galahad1849d ago

Although we know it's all but confirmed, I'd love for Bethesda give us a modern version of Hexen.

CrimsonIdol1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

What a conveniently timed positive-leaning reflection piece on Rage

Shadow0fTheDog1849d ago

You think this bloke might be a paid shill?

Jaypi031848d ago

Crazy, it's as if the author is writing about current events going on in video a game journalist of some kind.

jmc88881849d ago

It didn't run well. Some really bad streaming errors and other stuff. It was ridiculous. It was like a Batman: Arkham Knight, but worse.

Youtube some Rage streaming issues and it's messed.