The secrets of Uncharted 2's superb train level revealed

Eurogamer: "If you ever played Naughty Dog's superb - and for me still best game - Uncharted 2, you'll remember the train level. Chapter 13 - Locomotion sees Uncharted's wise-cracking star Nathan Drake move up through a speeding train, fighting off scores of enemy mercenaries and even a missile-firing helicopter. The level was eye-catching for a number of reasons, chief among them the feeling of realism the train journey provided. It felt like the train, with you on it, was moving through an actual environment, through a jungle, tunnels, out onto cliffs and ever onwards - in a relatively straight line - to its and the level's final destination. How did Naughty dog do it? A new video from YouTuber Freako, who works on the Boundary Break video series, reveals the secrets of Uncharted 2's train level."

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FallenAngel1984253d ago

I find Uncharted 3’s sinking ship setpiece more impressive

Bathyj253d ago

Great level. Uncharted 3 copped a lot of flack I think just because it came after 2. Underrated game and level design.

capjacksparrow253d ago

I think the issue with Uncharted 3, though still an awesome game, was that they took the praise the wrong way and applied the design opposite to U2. With U2, they had an amazing story with which they included some awesome set piece moments, with U3, it felt more like they came up with some awesome set piece moments, then built the story around that. Not bad, but not quite up to what U2 achieved. U4 went back to focus on the story, which is why I go between 2 and 4 as my favorite, though U3 had some of the best action in the series.

Minute Man 721253d ago

The best Uncharted followed by part 1

PhantomS42253d ago

Personally, for me, it's: 2,4,1,3

Relientk77253d ago

Incredible sequence. The train levels are an absolute blast

OffRoadKing253d ago

This is actually really cool to see.

Einhander1971253d ago

All instalments are technical show cases, but Uncharted 2 still remains the best. But I agree the Uncharted 3 sinking ship set piece is incredible.

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