Seriously, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Should Come to PlayStation 4

Okay, Cool's Riley Little, "Say what you will, but one writer feels adamant that Sony’s fight title should make its return."

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naruga257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

i dont understand how the damn Sony lost all its beloved characters that defined Playstation and couldnt include even one iconic character to the damn game ...Crash B -absent , Solid Snake -absent , Cloud-absent ,Sephiroth absent , OG Dante absent, Chris -Jill absent....and the thing that annoyes me most is that at same time Nintendo secured with ease Solide Snake and Cloud for SMash Bros (two characters that someone can say they are unofficial Playstation mascots and wherever they appear just "shout" PS )

Also Sony from the included characters (Drake Kratos etcetc) could easily define that their secific games except the hyped sales had only minor appeal to PS audience (like myself) ....(from when the big Daddys -Bioshock are iconic playstation chars?????? facepalm*

if a PS Batlle royal 2 is to be made, Sony just get back what "rightfully belongs" to you and dont let others steal the food fromo your hands

smashman98257d ago

I think it's fully possible that
Sony approached these publishers looking for guest appearances but due to how rough psasbr looked they weren't able to receive license for the big ones.

Despite psasbr's roster issues that game was flawed on many other levels. The battle system was almost universally hated. The game was heavily unbalanced at launch. The game despite being on powerful hardware looked like it belonged on ps2. It really just felt incomplete and almost like a beta or something.

Mr_Writer85257d ago


"The game despite being on powerful hardware looked like it belonged on ps2."

Harsh, but since it was made to not only play on the Vita but be cross play with the Vita you can understand why the games graphics are more on the, shall we say lower end of what the PS3 could do.

A PS4 version wouldn't have such constraints.

Antnee534257d ago

Im sorry but that battle system was far better than smash at least imo

IamTylerDurden1257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

PS2? Stop it. PS All-Stars was adequate graphically, not a stunner, but to say it looked PS2 level is foolish. Sly TiT was on VITA and PS3 yet it looked great on both. I just think Sony was copying the Smash visual style so it more or less looked like that. It was beautiful on VITA though.

IamTylerDurden1257d ago


You really think Konami denied Sony the use of Snake because "of how rough PS All-Stars looked"? I can't even believe anyone agreed with you. Perhaps play the game and you'll see that Raiden of MGS fame is featured...

Perhaps characters like Snake and Cloud were unable to be in PS All-Stars because they already had a deal with Nintendo. Yea.

smashman98255d ago

To clarify. My stance on this game, I had a lot of fun with it. I platinumed it, and bought it on release. I occasionally will bust it out to play with my friends.

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gangsta_red257d ago

A lot of those characters you listed in the first paragraph were never owned by Sony in the first place. So Sony never really lost them to begin with.

""rightfully belongs" to you and dont let others steal the food fromo your hands"

But...none of those characters rightfully belongs to Sony.

Besides it seems that a lot of the third part characters represented what marketing wanted to push their own games, especially when seeing the new Dante and not the old Dante we all know and love. Also Big Daddy and other 3rd party characters that I wouldn't necessarily call PS All Stars...just happened to appear on a PS console.

naruga257d ago (Edited 257d ago ) i Fing know that dont belong to Sony .....but it is Playstation where they began , succeed and shined ... they r somewhat part of the PS s outrageous to see them on Nintendo s field when these games /chars defined a whole game generation on PS system .... it s like having pokemon (that when they first released, the devs where 2nd party not owned by Nintnedo) on PS Battle royal ...they JUST dont fit

Septic257d ago

" outrageous to see them on Nintendo field"

Lol outrageous.. seriously?

gangsta_red257d ago

Well, one could argue that the Smash series is far and away more popular than All Stars and having Solid Snake and Cloud appear in Smash is a better business decision than to appear in All Stars which by all accounts is a Smash clone.

Also if you reeeeally want to get technical, both Metal Gear and FF started on Nintendo, so Nintendo should have claim on those characters even if in the series one is a soft reboot and the other is a numbered game that didn't appear on a Nintendo console.

naruga257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

.ok........lets get technical then...why Nintendo didnt included Kafka from FF 6 ??? or even Crono from Chrono Trigger that were both succesfull and as you say started on Nintendo .....because not even their mother remebers them ... ...cmon dont bring BS justification s..... Sony with PS poured a ton of money and gave freedom to the devs in order to augment the quality of video games ...that s why legendary games built that time on PS ....with characters that are milestones for gaming ..Kojima himself has admitted that Sony with their right behaviour toward developers (treated them as they were creators) contributed in order for MGS to become the masterpiece that it ended to be

gangsta_red257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

".why Nintendo didnt included Kafka from FF 6 ??? or even Crono from Chrono Trigger that were both succesfull and as you say started on Nintendo"

I think the confusion is coming in that just like Sony, it's not up to Nintendo who to include. They may have asked these devs but it's up to the devs to sign off.

Maybe Nintendo did want those Chrono characters but Square wanted Cloud seeing as he's more recognizable for that franchise. And if I remember correctly Kojima wanted Solid Snake in Smash.

So yea, there is some bs justification just not really the ones you're selling here..

"Sony with PS poured a ton of money and gave freedom to the devs in order to augment the quality of video games"

Positive that 3rd party devs did this themselves with their own sweat and hard work to make the master pieces that you mentioned.

Outside_ofthe_Box256d ago

I agree that they need to get those characters if they ever plan on doing another PSASBR.

The whole appeal of a game like this pitting iconic characters against each other and PSASBR failed miserably in that department. I personally didn't find the battle system bad at all, but the lack of iconic characters just made it another average fighting game.

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ps3vita4life257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

YES!! With the right studio, a PS All-Stars sequel can be amazing. The biggest mishap of the first game was the singular focus on the super mechanic (there should have been a traditional mode and other more varied modes). Also, there definitely should have been more characters. Characters like Big daddy and the Tekken dude felt like a waste of two characters spots that could have been filled by more classical PS characters. A sequel can fix all of that with characters like Joel/Ellie, Aloy, Kratos with an axe, BB Hunter, Galahad, Crash, Cloud, etc.

Ethereal257d ago

With the right studio behind it, they could be sitting on a gold mine. Having Joel/Ellie, Revised Kratos, Bloodborne Hunter (YES), Galahad and Aloy just makes me dream about what could be. The first suffered from a sort of poor lineup, weak single player story, and super reliance. Not to mention you could tell it was on limited budget. Time to revisit it with a proper dev behind it.

AirJohnston257d ago

Agreed, they should have had a Smash style mode and a All Stars style mode of knockouts. Who cares if people say they'd just be ripping off Smash Bros, it would make a better game

Platformgamer257d ago

that or a sequel, sony pleeeeeeeease!

DigitalRaptor257d ago

I believe a sequel is on the way.

Hopefully it's true, and is announced at E3.

The 10th Rider257d ago

This E3 would be an awful time to announce it. Nintendo has their Smash tournament and their big E3 focus is Smash Brothers. PSABR2 would get overshadowed and pale in comparison. Even if it was the better game it doesn't have nearly the same brand recognition. They should release it in a year or two and also put it on PS5 and allow crossplay between the two.

G3ng4r256d ago

It would be pretty funny if it were announced at e3 to get smashed. They'll definitely wait and gauge reactions to smash 5.

Elda257d ago

Nice thought doubt it'll happen.

G3ng4r256d ago

Definitely not this year. I could see it announced maybe next year for a late 2019 or early 2020 release due to popular demand because of smash.

TomatoDragon257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

I loved this game.

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