Halo 6 and Gears of War 5 Should Both Be Out Before Next-Gen Xbox, Says Michael Pachter

Unless the next Xbox is out before 2020, in any case.

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BeardedDrachen159d ago

I’m predicting Halo 6 to sell better than 5, but Gears 5 selling less than 4.

Vandamme21159d ago

Halo 5 ODLC should be out before next gen Xbox lol.

Araragifeels 159d ago

Hopefully Halo 6 doesn't relied on using false advertising because Halo 5 campaign ads was a huge lie. And the campaign was bad especially the boss fight

Movefasta1993159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Halo 6 but only if master chief is the main character and there's splitscreen local and online mp for competitive and single player. And they need launch it early 2019, they keep releasing their ip near october and up, but this has all been said before, will they listen ?meh

Parasyte158d ago

Splitscreen won’t happen.

Universal 08158d ago

@Parasyte splitscreen needs to happen. NEEDS. Halo was the game to play online and even when friends came over. Now its a whole nother story.

Zeref159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I think both will sell better because of game pass.

It doesn't, but a lot more people will get to play it now that it will launch on Game Pass.

TheColbertinator159d ago

Halo doesn't need game pass to sell millions. Leave that for the shovelware.

Universal 08158d ago

@TheColbertinator After the crap they pulled with Halo 5 they better put it on the game pass, if its good people will still buy it. I bet you right now everyone else is was a Halo fan is hesitant on getting Halo 6 just like I am. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

PUBG159d ago

Gears 5 should sell better than Gears 4, mainly because Gears 4 is such a great game, and the series is on a solid footing.

Stogz159d ago

Lol wow Gears 4 was definitely not great. They could've done something very interesting with that series but instead made it the same as before.

conanlifts158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

As someone who still plays gears 4 regularly i agree with you. A few tweaks such as offline horde and bot backfilling ( for horde) and it will be perfect.

GaboonViper158d ago

I wish there were more monsters and less robots but it was a good first try for the The Coalition, lets hope Gears 5 takes a step further.

Yohshida158d ago

Halo 5 sold like hotcake with what, 15-20 million consoles? Dont worry it will sell good.

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slate91159d ago

Save Halo 6 for next gen. Show the fanbase you can get Halo right with at least re-releasing the MCC in a respectable state it deserves with PC cross-play.
Come out with Gears 5 this gen.
And drop Halo 6 the beginning of next gen with new engine and story line that the game deserves.
In my opinion.

Movefasta1993159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

all they have is halo and gears though, this isn't me taking shots but if they don't release them both it will be dry as hell for xbox gamers and it's already sahara dry

slate91159d ago

I get your point and hear you. But they need to treat MCC re-release as the last halo this gen imo. They need to save halo 6 for the launch of the next xbox and come out swinging. Gears 5 and whatever other games they have should carry them out of this gen. Its not ideal, but I think its the best option for long term.

Zeref159d ago

Nextgen is in 2 years. If they drop Gears Spin-off this year and 5 in 2019 and that Spin-off Halo game along with other smaller games we'll be fine.

And it's not like there's nothing to play. There's always third party games. Like Anthem and Metro Exodus.

Software_Lover159d ago

............. are other games not coming out? I could have sworn that I have been playing games on Xbox right alongside God of War.

AZRoboto159d ago

They do not need to treat the first Halo released this gen as the last one. There's still all of 2019 for them to finish Halo 6 or at least a spinoff (after which it will have been a full four years since the last proper Halo release, longer than any other period in franchise history), and work on fixing MCC is ongoing currently.

Supposing Halo MCC is finally fixed by this fall, Xbox owners will have absolutely nothing else announced to look forward to beyond Forza Horizon 4. CD3 will be released by then and SoD2 will be as well. 343 has already commented on the next Halo by acknowledging split screen and the desire for more Chief - almost immediately after H5 released. Gears 5 wouldn't feel right to please the Xbox fanbase; no one is clamoring for another new one after only two years, and work only just started on Fable.

What's the point of the Xbox One X if MS doesn't release a new title of their biggest money maker on it? A beast of a machine for a few big racing titles and the Gears franchise reboot not even The Coalition wanted to make at first?

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TheCommentator159d ago

It's quite possible that they are; I posted about this yesterday and will repost it here because 343 did just start looking for a graphics lead for the next Halo in mid-April:

"343 Industries, the studio developing Halo games, is looking for a Lead Graphics Engineer to join our team working on the next big Halo shooter experience... As the Graphics Lead, you will be leading, managing, and contributing directly on the award-winning graphics team, collaborating closely with the art teams and pushing the visual bar to inconceivable levels on future FPS Halo titles... You will drive graphical innovation and produce amazing systems and visuals for our entire future FPS Halo experiences. If stunning 60 Hz 4K graphics gets you excited, this is the right job for you."

Source: https://www.windowscentral....

Some interesting wording that suggests "next-gen" level visuals.

spicelicka159d ago

What the hell is up with people thinking next gen is coming so soon? The XB1X just came out last year the whole purpose of which was to extend current gen, even if we get another console it would likely be intermediary one.

It's been 3 goddamn years. They will release Halo 6 next on XB1 and XB1X, I wouldn't want to wait any longer than that. They can always make spin-offs later.

slate91159d ago

Bruh next gen coming in 2020 or 2021 lol

TheCommentator159d ago

No, the Pro was designed to extend current gen. The 1X was designed to eliminate generations. Sony and MS will both have another console by 2021 at the latest though, making the PS4/Pro obsolete and the 1X the base model for "next generation".

spicelicka159d ago

@slate91 Bruh

2021 is 3 years from now lol. You think they're gonna take 6 years to make Halo 6 wtf??


Yeaa that's why I said if anything it would be an intermediary console. If it's for Xbox One X it would be current gen game still not next gen.

Regardless point is that Halo 6 won't come any later than 2019. Nor should it.

conanlifts159d ago

They can't go a whole gen with only 1 new halo and 1 new gears game. Particularly when they have not launched anything new that is a must have. Plus they need a new halo and gears to showcase xbox x. If they waited until next gen then i would abandon their platform as would many core fans.

carlosjrix158d ago

No next gen.. Another xbox upgrade.. Xbox one x and s will be bc.

Yohshida158d ago

At this point noone cares about MCC anymore

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jhoward585159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

MS got to at least try to releases one of the two(Gear5/Halo 6) or release a new/awesome Ip to make comeback this gen because they can't afford to hold back the Goods. I'm a firm believer that when things start on the small scale it's more than likely it would grow on a big scale. What I mean by this, is that some gamers have already traded in their Xbox one for a PS4/PS4 pro which is one a small scale. And, that will, of course, get bigger and bigger over time. So MS really got to get on their A game before this gen is over. Or else the same will happen to the Xbox brand next gen.

Zeref159d ago

There is no Comeback at this point. This gen is already lost. They are gearing towards the nextgen.

Sciurus_vulgaris159d ago

Halo 6 is likely coming in fall 2019. Even if a new Xbox drops in 2020/2021 Halo 6 will be compatible with it and could be enhanced for the system. I also predict that Gears of War 6 will launch in 2020 for Xbox One either in the spring or fall.

Zeref159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

But then people will say that Xbox 5 doesn't have any launch titles... Like they did with the Xbox One X. Not that it stopped anyone from buying it however..

CrimsonWing69159d ago

Did he use the Wal-Mart magic 8-ball to come up with this.

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