Xbox Shifting Focus to AAA Exclusive Games - Is it Too Late?

"Recent Microsoft job listings suggest the company is shifting its focus to develop AAA exclusive titles for its console." -- Xbox Enthusiast

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PiNkFaIrYbOi189d ago

On the next iteration of Xbox? Doubt we will see any of their bigger franchises till than.

getbacktogaming189d ago

I'm sure we'll see a few of their big franchises before then... Not so sure about new IPs though and that is probably way more important. Meanwhile I just hope they continue releasing their exclusives on PC too... PS4 and PC works well for me :D

Zeref188d ago

get game pass as well. You get all future first party games.

Aceman18189d ago

Nah I say it's never too late. If M$ wants me to again invest in their product they better hop on the good foot, and deliver me games they I actually want to play that aren't dudebro shooters and a racing series I care nothing for.

Show me what ur working with at E3 M$ or I'll never have to worry about your console(s) ever again.

Aceman18189d ago

So who did my post offend Sony fanboys or xbox fanboys lol?

MoonConquistador189d ago

It's an agree/disagree choice, not a ”im offended” statistic. Why are you so bothered that someone disagreed with your statement?

slate91189d ago

Probably for the obnoxious overly-used cliche of "M$" is where you down-votes came from.

Aceman18189d ago (Edited 189d ago )


Not really bothered by it just thought I'd throw it out there I dont think I sounded that bothered by it lol.


Meh I dont see anything wrong with that lol.

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theXtReMe1189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

As said below, we won’t see any new big franchises until next generation. Is it too late? No, it’s never too late. Look at Sony for a perfect example. They took every cent they made from the PS3 era on and invested it in first party studios and he has paid off for them this generation.

I expect, since we are about 2 to 3 years out from next generation, that Microsoft is going to have one hell of a launch for the Xbox 2. Though, whether that will pan out for them or not really depends on their ability to understand what kind of games the fans want and if they can deliver a top-tier AAA experience within those parameters. They have delivered first party titles this generation, many new franchises, the problem being that they weren’t well received.

So it’s really up to them to deliver the games that people want to play. Both AAA single player titles and engaging, expansive multiplayer games. They also need to try to break into the Japanese and European markets and try to compete with games that those territories enjoy. Which has been a huge issue for them since the start. It would be very easy for them to just buy current studios that are already making those types of games in those territories, to at least get a foot in the door.

So, the ball is in their court to either dribble or slamdunk.

Cmv38189d ago

Sony didn't abandon first party development last generation. What's going on with ms now and ps last generation is not similar. Sony mainly fumbled on the price, lesson learned. Ms have been saying this for almost 5 years and nothing. Have even made comments that alluded to the idea that first party isn't high on their list of importance.

UltraNova189d ago

Correct Sony's ps3 mistake was its price and pre release arrogance(huge one's at that) other than that they delivered on the games front like never before.

MoonConquistador189d ago

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the price of the PS3. They were simply competing with a console that was released a year earlier, was easier to programme for and port from PC, had a considerable user base and better established online structure. Can't argue with the pre release arrogance though.

And they still ended up winning the sales battle and produced some gems of games along the way.

I think I got great value for money with my PS3.

TheRealHeisenberg189d ago


There may been nothing wrong with the initial price of the PS3 from your perspective but many others saw it differently. Some simply were not willing to pay that much at launch.

paintedgamer1984189d ago

These comments from xbox people is so damn cringe worthy...

Phillip Spencer says exclusives and 1st partys arent important and those people take it as gospel. Like the dude on yesterdays pro xbox channel said "ms should focus on hardware and services" 😂

MoonConquistador183d ago

@TheRealHeisenberg - Yet the 360 was the same price when the PS3 launched, so your argument goes out the window. How come this price factor didn't affect 360 sales in the same way?

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trooper_189d ago

Why does it have to be next gen?

What about this gen?!

paintedgamer1984189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

This gen ms focused more on kinnect, gaas, the xb1x, annnd 🤔. Everything but GAMES. Only TRUE exclusives that ms has that are worth a damn are halo4 and Sunset Overdrive... After 4.5 years... Now we have a rumor Quantum Break 2 may be in the works? No one is asking for that dog sh!t. If youre going to give us gamers sequels/prequels/remakes how about sh!t were actually asking for... Alan Wake, Crimson Skies, Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Steel Battalion, Breakdown, Jade Empire, Full Spectram Warrior, Mech Assault, Fable, Ninja Gaiden, Star Wars, Splinter Cell... Not QB, Luckys Tail, Crackdown, State of Decay, Halo Wars 2 ect.

princejb134188d ago

i dont think i would ever support MS console again. 2 generations of the same tired ips. Gears, Halo, forza, gears, halo, forza, BANJO, ALAN WAKE, gears, halo, forza lol

mandingo188d ago

Think you mean 1 generation of tired ips. 2 gens would mean you didn't like Halo 3, Gears 1-3, and Alan Wake, some of the best games ever made.

FallenAngel1984189d ago

I remember how in the beginning of this generation many outlets reported on how XO focused more on on AAA games while PS4 focused more on indies

How times have changed

SuperSaiyanGod41189d ago

It was because Sony was still delivering hit after hit towards the end of the PS3 life cycle before launching the PS4.

It takes time to create great triple a games this is why I believe Microsoft doesn't like creating these type of games is because for 1. It takes time to create them. 2. It cost alot to invest in them and 3. Microsoft knows triple a games are either a hit or miss especially if u don't have the 1st party teams u can trust to deliver especially with single player only triple a games.

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Tazzy189d ago

A lot to invest in?? Microsoft is worth billions it's not the investing they'd have no problem doing that I mean get real Nintendo and Sony don't have the money Microsoft has and they're investing in new games. Bottom line it's a fact that they have no creative ideas unlike Sony and Nintendo. They'd have no problem investing in games and they have the money to go out and get an exclusive from a third party developer.

TheRealHeisenberg189d ago (Edited 189d ago )


That logic applies to the PS4 as well. I have 3 PS4s, 2 standard and the GoW Pro bundle. Had 3 PS3s last gen too.

I agree with the overall sentiment that MS has failed to deliver on a steady stream of exclusives and new IPs for years. Ms needs to take some chances and play the long game.

SuperSaiyanGod41188d ago (Edited 188d ago )


We all know that Microsoft has way more money than both Sony and Nintendo but they also aren't willing to spend alot of money if they feel they won't break even on certain projects. In this industry Microsoft should have learned that, "taking risks" is part of what brings success in huge triple a games, but it just seems like they rather play it safe and stick to their strengths with xbl, game pass and more multiplayer type games like pubg, sea of theives, state of decay.

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getbacktogaming189d ago

That feels like a very faint memory now...

Chocoburger188d ago

Wow, that GameSkinny article is terrible. Does he not know that Resistance is an IP owned by Sony? How shameful.

BeOpenMinded188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Goalposts were moved. Xbox had several games I wanted while PS had nothing until bloodborne came about IMO. Granted ark and elite were my mainstays when nothing I enjoyed were being released besides early access on xbox

184d ago
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chrisx189d ago

any new AAA games being worked on now won't be available till middle of next gen. ms touted working on this all gen this gen and nothing to show for it. better late than never though.

Xb1ps4189d ago

Middle of next gen? You people really thing next gen is tight around the corner!? Lol like if Sony and ms put out an upgraded console just cause..

SuperSaiyanGod41189d ago

They tried to deliver with Ryse, Sunset overdrive, Recore, Quantum Break etc etc but it's hard to say if these are the type of games their fanbase are into only going by sales numbers of these games but other than that I totally agree with you. These things take time to create but hey better late then never.

189d ago
SuperSaiyanGod41189d ago


Yeah it doesn't make any sense. Only thing I can think of is they are probably just trying to get a hold of a solid number of exclusives ready for the launch of their new system to have a strong and fresh start at launch of their next console and try an get a good start especially in Japan where they are always last place. It kinda makes sense with all the talk and direction Phil Spencer is pointing in. That's the only thing I can think of.

yellowgerbil189d ago

Think of it in 20 years when they release the xbox1 mini.
Recore that Roman game, quatic break, halo wars, sunset overdrive, halo 5, ori, state of decay, forza
Would you really buy that? There is a reason people are excited for 30yo Nintendo games, they were good and that's why the nes classic was going for hundreds on ebay, no one will line up in 20 years for Xboxes collection, they are bargain bin at best

Zeref188d ago

That doesn't mean they weren't working on anything. I think we'll see plenty of exclusives at this E3 but nothing from first party.

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PhoenixUp189d ago

To think Microsoft axed Xbox 360’s first party support in its latter years for this, their current position in first party support for Xbox One.

Don’t tell me they wasted almost an entire generation telling us to wait for them to produce at least one GOTY worthy title

EverydayJoe189d ago

This entire gen, and add the last 3 years of the 360. Now your talking about the better half of a decade of dangling that twinkie, and yet the fat kid still chases it

getbacktogaming189d ago

:P last 3 years of the 360 was focused on Kinect lollll

UltraNova189d ago

It seems thats their strategy. Support each gen for the first 2-3 years max then abandon it, pull all resources and prepare for the next. A strategy that still holds true, evidently.