Why I Love: Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Why I Love is a series of guest editorials on intended to showcase the ways in which game developers appreciate each other's work. This entry was contributed by Solar Sail Games co-founder Tancred Dyke-Wells, who used to direct Nintendo's Art Academy and Battalion Wars games, and is currently at work on the open-world narrative-driven RPG Smoke and Sacrifice.

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derkasan257d ago

I'd love to see another Tenchu sometime. As long as it's not like Tenchu Z, I'd be happy.

Snookies12257d ago

Can I still hope the From Software teaser was for Tenchu...? Probably not, but man I want another Tenchu so bad...

chrisx257d ago

tenchu 2 birth of the stealth assassins needs to be remade. I'd love to pull of some nice round house kicks with tatsumaru in glorious current gen tech

Relientk77257d ago

Really hoping we get a new Tenchu game for PS4

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