Activision Loses Trademark Relating to Tenchu Franchise

Activision has lost their hold over the Tenchu franchise after failing to renew the trademark for the long-running ninja-themed series.

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DarkOcelet1437d ago

YES! Hopefully Crash is next.

Abriael1437d ago

They have until 2021 for that one >_>

DarkOcelet1437d ago

Sony should take him back from his shackles.

OpieWinston1436d ago

It'd just be a trademark not losing the IP.

SilentNegotiator1436d ago

What he said.

DarkOcelot is thinking of the property going public domain. Activision would have to leave the franchise dormant for a loooooooooooong time for that to happen, "thanks" to the Disney lobbyists on capital hill.

DemonChicken1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Poison rice!? Yes please!

From Software developed and published a few Tenchu games. Initially developed by acquire I believe.

Imagine they spearheaded the development and included some formula from Demon Souls, dark souls and bloodborne in a potential Tenchu game.

Crap my excitement levels through the roof

DarkOcelet1436d ago

Miyazaki making a Tenchu game. That would be awesome.

pompombrum1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Combining the stealth and mobility of Tenchu with the difficulty of Demon/Dark souls? That would be just too awesome.

starchild1436d ago

Ah that would be amazing. I just hope we see another Tenchu game. It's one of my favorite series of all time.

1436d ago
starchild1436d ago


I know. I can't believe nobody has done anything with this concept. It's a perfect setup for a game that many gamers would go crazy for. I hope to see Tenchu, or a Tenchu-like game, show up this generation.

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3-4-51436d ago

Tenchu always seemed like a great concept...a great idea that was never executed properly.

DarkOcelet1436d ago

Tenchu on PS1 was excellent for its time. It was underrated. I played Tenchu on the X360 last gen but it was really bad. Hopefully someone else handle this IP with more care.

Iceman_Nightmare1436d ago

Imagine if Activision sells it to Microsoft instead of Sony, worse Nightmare ever!

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SaveFerris1437d ago

I'd love to see another Tenchu game for current-gen consoles.

camel_toad1436d ago

You aint kidding. Even the worst Tenchu game was still fun. I also miss the level creator from whichever one(s) it was.

I really hope we see a new one.

yewles11437d ago

Maybe if they would've made a PS3 Tenchu last gen, the franchise might've lasted longer...

Agent_hitman1437d ago

Man, Tenchu was one of my favorite IPs on PS1 back in the day. Best stealth action themed game for me. Sony should approach the devs behind it and fund for the next installment.

camel_toad1436d ago

Oh that'd be nice if Sony funded them. The games were always great but there was always something "low-budgety" about them.

starchild1436d ago

That would be incredible. Sony is a great publisher and I would love to see the Tenchu series in their hands.

I played the first two Tenchu games on the PS1 more than any other games in those years. I also played the hell out of Tenchu Wrath of Heaven and Tenchu Fatal Shadows on PS2. Actually, I even enjoyed Tenchu Z on the 360 quite a lot. Yeah, I'm a pretty huge fan of the franchise you could say.

I would become a huge fan of any publisher/developer that revived this franchise.

Gamer7771437d ago

Losing a trademark doesn't mean loss of an IP. Dualshockers should stop writing these loss of trademark doom articles.

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