5 Major Game Anniversaries in May 2018 to Make You Feel Old

Twinfinite: "May has traditionally been a quiet month with respect to video game releases, but there are still several notable anniversaries that'll make you feel old."

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coffeemaster163d ago

Woah! 5 years since blood dragon

2pacalypsenow163d ago

Vice city came out on PC in 2003, how is 2018 it's 10th anniversary?

nowitzki2004163d ago

2018 is GTA4 10 year anniversary lol

nucky64163d ago

ah, gta: vice city - my favorite gta!

Lighter9163d ago

You liked it better than San Andreas?

nucky64163d ago

yea. I'm not trying to say everybody should agree, either. I liked the story the best of any. the radio tracks were my favorite of any gta. map layout and missions too. san andreas was very good, but i like VC better.

Kabaneri163d ago

A shame GTA6 probably wont even drop this gen. R* is worse than Kojima when it comes to release pacing.