5 Franchises Sony Should Revive

Titles such as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Nier: Automata, Ratchet and Clank, and God of War have encouraged many gamers to invest into a PS4. However, there are franchises that Sony should consider reviving. Here are 5 franchises Sony should revive.

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ziggurcat1131d ago

yes to Resistance. Since I missed my chance on Heavenly Sword, I'd even be interested in a remaster of that.

bouzebbal1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

i want them to bring WipEout again.
That series is so amazing that we should have more of it.
Bring back MAG too sony.

UltraNova1131d ago

MAG 2 with a proper BR mode would do great these days. Sony is sitting on so many potential hits...

The_Jackel1131d ago

warhawk was soo much fun before mag came out

Army_of_Darkness1131d ago

I'd love a remastered trilogy of the resistance and Killzone series with enhanced visuals and framerate!

Stogz1131d ago

Absolutely, and its be nice if they included that co op mode from part 2, that was really fun.

bouzebbal1131d ago

Killzone 2 and 3 are 2 of my best ever games.
i don't think i want a remaster of these, i think we need a new episode inspired by these two.
No futuristic crap from SF..
KZ2 and 3 atmosphere was so good. SF was too shiny in comparison.

porkChop1131d ago

The Legend of Dragoon
Syphon Filter
Twisted Metal

BlackTar1871131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

This is a great list. I'd trade resistances for pandemonium.

Or battle arena toshiden or star gladiator

I know not all are made by Sony but great Games from ps1

notachance1131d ago

a modern Syphon Filter would be sick

G3ng4r1129d ago

Swap out legend of dragoon for seriously anything.

Godmars2901131d ago

Twisted Metal with "realistic" driving physics?

bouzebbal1131d ago

TM on PS3 was a massive flop.. people asked for it but didnt support it so no chance it will come back.
i have never been a fan of the series so i can't really judge the game cause i haven't played it on PS3.

P_Bomb1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I wonder if a free-to-play Twisted Metal might be the way to go with that IP?

Tweak EatSleepPlay’s engine, slap on a Battle Royale alongside the standard MP fare, and make money the free-to-play way. Starter packs, booster packs, maps, skins, currencies, whatever. Then Sony could get another MP option out there without tacking it on to SP games.

So, keep the budget modest and expectations realistic. People might not wanna fork out $60 for car combat anymore, but they did love Rocket League. As a FTP with paid features, TM could tap into that certain demographic.

Goldby1131d ago

There's already too many BR games out or announced. We don't need more of this. We need less, alot less

FallenAngel19841131d ago

There definitely needs to be a new Ape Escape game

Also The Legend of Dragoon needs a remaster

badz1491131d ago


Me and I think many others have been craving for a new entry to this series since last gen but Sony didn't do anything about it and not even now. WTF Sony? and by this I mean a full fledged campaing, not those cheap mini games collection!

gangsta_red1131d ago

I'm all for a Twisted Metal that's designed in an arena shooter type setting.

Add some actual racing modes, support it with extra tracks and vehicles over time and I think that can be Sony's next big hit.

Gazondaily1131d ago

Twisted Metal Black was the one!

gangsta_red1131d ago

Agreed, loved that game!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.