Return of the Full Motion Video Game

When you think of the full motion video game genre, there are some immediately negative associations which spring to mind.
But over the last few years, we have seen a renewed effort to reclaim the genre and act on its full potential, with titles like “Her Story,” “The Bunker,” and “The Late Shift” giving players a higher quality of interactive experience and further blurring the lines between filmmaking and game development.
To understand the future of the genre, however, you first have to look into its past.

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TheCommentator167d ago

I remember the first time I walked past a Dragon's Lair machine at the arcade and was blown away. That and Mad Dog Mc Cree. There were others, but those were the two that stood out most to me. Kind of weird that the genre is coming back at all though.

dmonee167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

What was that weird hologram game called? It was weird but it was FMV. I can’t remember the name of it

TheCommentator167d ago

That one was pretty cool to see too. It was Time Traveler, published by Sega:

Moonman167d ago

I'm definitely playing Night Trap on Switch (first time).