Is The Order: 1886 Worth Playing In 2018?

The Order: 1886 didn't have a great reception in 2015. TechRaptor's Nick Mallet goes into why it is still worth your time today in 2018 and why it got the bad rap back then.

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richierich166d ago

I wish they would release a PS4 Pro patch I would love to see how it would look in 4k

NewMonday166d ago

could've been one of the great games of the generation if it had the gameplay depth of GOW, it was full of unfulfilled promise.

mikeslemonade166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Is The Order: 1886 Worth Playing In 2018?

No. I bought it and didn’t even play it when it came out.

166d ago
mikeslemonade166d ago

Lol you don’t just take out invisible walls. They’re there for a reason because the developer wants to hide “unfinished” areas

Teflon02166d ago

Well I'd play it at the $10 if pay to get it in EB Games now. But I have a backlog bigger than the stacks they pay Beyoncé to perform so it'll be pointless because I got too much on my plate from switch, Vita and ps4 already. Plus a few on pc like cup head lol. I'm extra screwed if VC finally releases

The 10th Rider166d ago

I don't think it even needed the depth of God of War. IMO it really only needed three things: Better boss fights (instead of repeating the same fight over and over), no forcing you to walk for certain parts of the game (that just frusterates most players), and to either have more genuine gameplay segments (with action, not just walking) by either being longer or by adjusting the cutscene/gameplay ratio.

166d ago
Kumakai166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Agreed. The only good thing about it were some of the combat sections. But it was painful to know that after every 5 min of good game action being completed you were gonna have to sit and slog thru more cut scenes and dialog for 15-20 min before getting to walk around into some invisible barriers, then more cut scenes and after all that waiting, wind up at a QTE of some kind. The game definitely has potential as a sequel - the pieces are there, just needs to be designed more as a game and less of a boring, staged theme park attraction to sit through and watch.

NewMonday166d ago


"the combat is actually really fun.... times that by about 10"

exactly! the ideas where there but the execution was lacking

Dannylew165d ago

Like quantum fail... or halofail... or titanfail... and soo on..

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Deep-throat166d ago

Sony have abandoned those old games. They didn't bother patching Bloodborne.

submarinna166d ago

reason has abandoned you my friend

showtimefolks166d ago


We are willing to let that slide because of new game release what's your excuse for being proud of X updates without many new games from ms

Sayai jin165d ago

Showtime, what does Xbox have to do wit this game or what he posted?

mandingo166d ago

Couldn’t run 4K. Probly the only bad PS4 game this gen

mandingo165d ago

I did play it. Wasn’t good hence my commment

narsaku166d ago

You do realize in order to get 1886 to look as good as it did they dropped the resolution to the equivilent of 900p with the black bars, right?

..The pro would be hella lucky to get this game to run at much more than 1080p, maybe some kind of weird custom, "I don't even know how it works on my tv", 1200p.

MrSec84166d ago

Technically The Order still had the DPI of a 1080p image, it also features extensive AA, which could be reduced if higher resolutions were employed in a Pro Patch.

Another thing that should be considered is that other games have exceeded The Order's visuals (like God of War, Uncharted, even Horizon does), while removing the bars and expanding the world's boundaries and complexity.

Clearly RaD were inexperienced with major AAA game creation and also developing on a system like PS4.

If this game was ported to an engine like Decima's it would have better IQ at full screen 1080p on the base PS4 and Pro could at least double that with some added effects.

A straight Pro Patch in RaD's engine of 2015 would probably get the game to 1800p checkerboard, with a base Resolution of at least 1440p.

richierich166d ago

I meant 1440p not native 4K

notachance166d ago

I'd love it if they give this IP the God of War treatment: put some RPG on it, maybe skill tree and customizable weapon, make it semi-open world, add some quality side quests... the lore has so much untapped potential, and they got the graphic capability, now if they focused on fixing the gameplay it would be an epic comeback for this IP.

Kumakai166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Sharper and cleaner. :)

Sayai jin165d ago

Didn't live up to expectations back in 2015, so there is no difference now. Could have been a truly stellar game.

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Thatguy-310166d ago

THEY NEED TO RELEASE A SEQUEL!!!! Sony shouldn't dump this universe!! So much untapped potential.

robtion166d ago

Absolutely needs a sequel.

Amazing setting, great characters, solid gameplay/gunplay, still almost unmatched graphics, great art design, interesting story (though incomplete). I have completed it twice in the past and will play it again at some stage.

A patch to remove the letterboxing/black bars like they did for The Evil Within would be great.

morganfell166d ago

I have been through it more times than I can count. As someone that owns all the volumes in the Vulgate and Post Vulgate I love the idea. And the characters were more than memorable. I have several different works on the Rani of Jhansi (looking forward to the movie this year) and Graham McTavish continues to do amazing voice work.

It was also the best Artbook I have ever purchased.

Realms166d ago

I don't think Sony trust Ready at Dawn to make a sequel, I would love to see a more in depth game flushed out because the lore and setting are pretty cool. I just think they spent too much time making the game pretty and left next to nothing as far as gameplay and level design was concern. Cool game premise badly executed I would love to see one of Sony's in-house studios take a crack at it.

The 10th Rider166d ago

Which is sad though. So much work has been done on the setting and the lore and everything, and they could reuse assets for a sequel. The Order's gameplay itself was perfectly fine, it just needed far more of it, to restrict the player less at certain moments, and to fix the boss fights. Those are all easy things to fix in a sequel. Maybe there were more problems with development behind the scenes that we don't know about that hurt Sony's confidence in Ready at Dawn.

blackblades166d ago

Agree, the story is good and they left it off for a future sequel. Just fix the issues that it had and make the game better and that's for most games.

nucky64166d ago

I liked the first game - I want a part 2 just for the story.

T2X166d ago

I loved it. Great story, should make a sequel definitely.

Inzo166d ago

Abso-bloody-lutely. I enjoyed the game, it has a lot of potential.

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Travis3708166d ago

No! but you can pick it up for like $5

narsaku166d ago

Fact. Terrible game. If it had launched on the Xbox it would still be the laughing stock of the system. Far above SOT/Halo 5 SP.

LoveSpuds166d ago

Just a little pointer, claiming your opinion is a 'fact' is pretty silly.

T2X165d ago

No, not "Fact" your opinion. Here's a "Fact" if it was put out by David Cage and Quantum dreams it would have been better received.

NecrumOddBoy166d ago

Improve the exploration and Pop-up combat and you will have another winner. The Order, other than being really short, was plagued by a lot of little things that really said it back. I think a lot that went into the engine is incredible, but they really didn't tighten the play the way it should have been. I didn't mind the quick time events personally. I thought they were pretty cool. I just didn't like the stick to the wall pop-up Target style combat. That felt very Uncharted 1 to me.

I think if they gave an open linear Style 2 the sequel similar to how Bloodborne or God of War are, The Order 2 will be a 9+ game.

The story, graphics, sound, weapon design, characters, dialogue, and voice acting were all phenomenal. I love the Knights and the way they own the dark side of London.

Septic166d ago

Thoroughly poor game imo. Some if the best visuals though and great voice acting.

A sequel does have potential if the devs thoroughly gutted the shitty gameplay mechanics, QTEs, A more cogent story etc.

BeardedDrachen166d ago

Well to each their own.
The game is 5-10 bucks? I say play it.

CP_Company166d ago

why not? you are asking xbot? this game's SP is better then 90% of m$ so called ''exclusives'' .

TekoIie166d ago


I dunno I'd much rather play Halo or Gears single player than go through The Order 1886 again. Even a lot of MS's less successful games like Sunset Overdrive or Recore were better than The Order.

For a cheap price tho I'm sure The Order 1886 is worth a play through for those that missed but full price? He'll no.

Realms166d ago

@ BeardedDrachen

LOL. Don't listen to septic play the game and judge for yourself people he probably thinks Quantum Break was awesome, the game is flawed but the setting and characters are more than interesting enough for a play through and it is dirt cheap now.

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Frinker166d ago

Yup, let the garbage game be garbage and move on

OffRoadKing166d ago

The game isn't garbage but its not like you ever played it anyway so why dont you move on.

OffRoadKing166d ago

Disagree, at the bargain prices you can get the game at there is certainly a game worth checking out, is it perfect no but people have played far worse games, No Mans Sky and Sea of Thieves come to mind.