Why Resistance Is One of Sony's Best IPs

The PlayStation 3 had a lot of great franchises however one of the best was Insomniac's Resistance franchise. The studio's first attempt at a first-person shooter launched alongside the PS3 and was one of the system's best series. With 3 core games as 2 handheld games released on the PSP and PS Vita Resistance ended on a high note with Resistance 3. The series may have ended but it's still one of Sony's best IPs.

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mandf258d ago

I would like to see the original remastered with the exact same mp options.

Nu257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Wouldn't it be cool is Resistance copied the Gears of War TPS mechanics. Gears of War has no competition and Resistance needs be reinvigorated. Even Kill Zone could be created in a Gears of War type hybrid engine

OmnislashVer36257d ago

I'd rather see The Order 1887 combat Gears. But it would have to be quite a bit better than the first game.

ILostMyMind257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Resistance and KZ there are nothing to do with Gears. Maybe The Order.

UltraNova257d ago

I miss those games...Re2 was one of the games that got me hooked on MP last gen, that and KZ2 MP. A Resistance trilogy remaster would be awesome.

OB1Biker257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Tps all the way for me. I don't think gears is still a reference though.

Babadook7257d ago

I liked the first Resistance quite a bit. Definitely makes the top 100 PS IP's.

Edito257d ago

What are you talking about dude?

Snakeking33257d ago

Man no one wants that I played and beat both and in my opinion resistance is hands over fist the better game the single player had a way better story I will give gears the multiplayer I am a single player gamer so I don’t give a crap about multiplayer

mandf257d ago

We play fps be we like them. This is a fps. Take your tps elsewhere.

mikeslemonade257d ago

Clocked like the third most hours in a game in Resistance fall of man, but we don’t need that trash to be remastered. Shooters don’t need to be remastered.

GhostTurtle257d ago

That sounds like a terrible idea...

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TKCMuzzer257d ago

I went back and played it again on PS3, it still holds up in terms of creating a great atmosphere. The presentation of the story is very well done.

The_Jackel257d ago

why not all 3 remastered for ps4 with announcement of resistance 4

JackBNimble257d ago

If they're going to do a resistance then they should just make a new one, screw the remasters.

The_Jackel257d ago

its more for the people who may have missed out on playing them on ps3 :)
but i woukd prefer a demon souls remaster first love that game.
and a new one would be awesome to have with the coop fun and 60player mp if i remember correctly

showtimefolks257d ago

co-op in the 2nd game and KZ2 MP are my best memories of ps3 online FPS games. Till this day i truly believe resistance 3 failed because for some weird reason it didn't include the 8 player co-op which was one of the most played game modes in resistance 2. Insomniac has grown a lot as a studio and i would love to see a complete remake of the original like ratchet and clank style than for sequel go in any directions

ginsunuva257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

The MP in the first one was up there with KZ2 MP.
But Warhawk trumped every MP game ever.

MizHDTV257d ago

Couldn’t agree more
Kz2 was my baby

WilliamSheridan257d ago

Sales indicate that no one really wants this game...

The_Jackel257d ago

so based off what you're saying.... no one wanted the wiiu or xbone or nokia phones or near on any xbox game this gen due to how poorly they are doing? am i correct or did you mean something else?

WilliamSheridan256d ago

No one wanted the WiiU, that is correct. Xbox One is selling about as good as the 360 did, so that logic is out. Nokia phones coming out after 2010, no one wanted. Where are they now?

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-Foxtrot258d ago

I'd still like to see a remake of the first game with expanded lore then the series go in a different direction for the sequel...Resistance Fall of Man II with Nathan Hale being a fully developed character for the entire new trilogy.

Nitrowolf2258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Id like something along the lines of this to, though i do feel that 3 is where the 2nd game should have gone in terms of story. The guns are all cool (insomniac has always been good with weapons), i just IMO that the human race should never be able to comprehend the chimera tech, and have it be an ongoing struggle, old versus new. The 1st game nailed that feel, as did the third game. The 2nd game though had the best co-op

Its crazy how good the multiplayer was for the first game with the whole matchmaking system, friends list, clan system/battles ect ect. I would really love to see the features in the multiplayer to return back from 1.

-Foxtrot258d ago

Yeah for me Resistance 3 was fantastic but the only thing holding it back was the fact Joseph Capelli, who you take control of had hardly any development in the other two games so the ending of "winning the fight" didn't feel very compelling. However if they stuck with Nathan Hale and developed him better, giving him a good backstory and the like then I think I would have been satisfied more. Kind of shame they called him Nathan aswell considering at the time NaughtyDog had Uncharted with Nathan Drake...maybe a name change? Wouldn't mind it to be honest. Nicholas Hale? Nolan Hale? Who knows.

Personally I think they ruined Hale giving him the Chimeran Virus, it shouldn't have really been a huge plot point in my opinion, they got too into it with government programs and the like instead of just letting Nathan Hale be some lucky guy who managed to resist the virus by good genes. Then you had the small time skip and giving him a special team with other soldiers to lead. I kind of liked the "man against the world" feel from the first game. The family story they gave Joseph in the third game could probably be incorporated in with Nathan Hale someway if they ever do the re-telling, at least a wife...maybe give it a "War of the Worlds" vibe with her being like Carrie in that story, the woman he tries to find.

I just think they need to go back to what made the first game so great and take the best from Resistance 2 and 3. I loved that they went back to med kits in the third game and tried to fix their mistakes from the second, felt like an old school shooter considering this was the time when COD hit popularity.

Remake-Retell the first game
Develop Nathan more...maybe a name change
Keep the great multiplayer without all the gimmicks you see these days
Maybe some co-op with the other player being a non story character like what Halo used to do
Add to the lore
Change the ending a little to set up better future games
Sequel is Resistance Fall of Man II
Third game ends with Nathan ending up on their home world taking fight to them for future trilogy.

FTLmaster258d ago

A remake or reboot of this would be welcome. Enjoyed the trilogy on PS3.

SirJoJo257d ago

Resistance 3 was an amazing game! I have no idea why they haven't continued that series

PhoenixUp258d ago

Nathan Hale was a bland protagonist though

Vanfernal257d ago

Well sadly I think he's a product of the era... Last gen was characterized by bland protagonists with only a few exceptions...

specialguest257d ago

The Resistance games were not amazing. I played 1 and 2 back in the PS3 era, and it just felt like it was missing something to set it up to top tier level. The game felt like a score of an 8.

tigertron257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

FOM and Retribution remastered with their online restored would be great.

I'm not bothered about the others as they didn't feel like Resistance games, although 3 was a huge step up from 2.