Rumor: Remedy Games is working on Quantum Break 2

H.R. Nikoofar, who has done many podcasts with great video games developers is a connected man to the game developing industry. Lately, on his twitter page, he twitted this: "I know by fact that @remedygames is working on Quantum Break 2."
That could simply be a rumor but consider the guy's previous activities this could be something.

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vega275903d ago

I hope they are. I really like the game. The show was pretty good also. MS should fund this and alan wake 2

AngelicIceDiamond903d ago

Agreed MS needs this more than anyone but I'm afraid it won't be exclusive. I would be very surprised if it was.

darthv72903d ago

What makes you think it wouldnt stay on xbox and PC like the first one?

thatguyhayat903d ago


They have said they wont be doing exclusives anymore i think and they have said their next game is multi plat

Godchild1020903d ago (Edited 903d ago )


Maybe they are working on two games.

Theknightofnights903d ago

The Quantum Break IP is owned by Microsoft. If Quantum Break 2 is true then it will be an exclusive in some form. Either platform, console, or otherwise.

darthv72903d ago

P7 is supposed to be multi but is QB2 P7 or is P7 still something totally new and different???

conanlifts903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

MS own QB IP so if they make it then it will be exclusive.

gamer7804903d ago

Still going to look fantastic on the X. I hope they make an Alan wake 2

Mystogan902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

It will be on PC. We know that. Every Xbox exclusive will be on PC. Why would we expect any different from Quantum Break(the original was also on PC). Unless you think it's gonna be on PS4?? It won't because Quantum Break is owned by Microsoft.

TheVigilanteCode902d ago

"What makes you think it wouldnt stay on xbox and PC like the first one?"


He means to say that it won't stay exclusive to Xbox One, like the first one which was on PC as well.

PFFT902d ago

Quantum Break is MS owed IP. It wont be releasing outside of PC and the Xbox.

TheCommentator902d ago

Surprise! MS owns the IP.
"Quantum Break is a third-person science fiction action shooter developed by Remedy Entertainment and released worldwide on April 5, 2016 for the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. It was published and funded by Microsoft Studios, who owns the IP. "

Source: http://quantumbreak.wikia.c...

Couldn't you have looked this up? Besides that, look at the ignorance of all of the people who agreed with you and disagreed with people like Theknightofnights, Sd11, and PFFT (who are all right).

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Christopher903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Remove the live action show, improve on the base game, get some better writing that isn't as trope-y, worth it.

Personal request: don't have no-return-points in a game with collectibles, give people the ability to explore freely for them without accidentally passing a point that locks out those collectibles. That design only encourages people to use walkthroughs.

DaleCooper902d ago

This. Also, quit making games with hidden collectibles and then have an NPC repeatedly tell me to hurry up while I'm searching for those dumb collectibles!

FinalFantasyFanatic902d ago

This, it was an alright game, but I hated streaming the live action parts, also the gameplay was mediocre, could use improvement. The graphics were nice though.

MWH902d ago

I second on that request. This should be in all games or at least make it known.

I understand that this design is meant for replay value but today most gamers don't have the time to replay a small game let alone a huge rpg, and it's mostly not worth it.

81BX902d ago

No! Do both. I really liked the show

Christopher902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

***No! Do both. I really liked the show***

I think they can continue the episodic content, just do it in engine. It's cheaper and easier to manage and with technology today we get similar results as far as voice acting and movement. I believe they wanted way too much money on live action elements in hopes of turning it into a show similar to Defiance.

morganfell902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

"I hated streaming the live action parts..."

I actually didn't mind it because I just hooked up an external drive and downloaded them. Worked fine for me.

FinalFantasyFanatic901d ago


urgh, I should have thought of that, oh well, I never did get back to the episodes after I skipped them. I never had an issue with it having live action parts, it's just the streaming was a turn off for me.

morganfell901d ago


I think it was something in the area of 70 odd GB for the space. I had picked up a white USB drive to match the One S so I just started the downloads and the next day ran the game. I enjoyed the concept and the Live Action worked for me.

I have mixed feelings about being blocked from collectibles in a game. Its difficult to warn the player without breaking immersion that they are leaving an area to which they cannot return. And for me immersion trumps a collectible. I think being blocked matters more on how and why I am blocked than the fact I am blocked. Is there a reason I can't return? A reason that fits within the realism of the world established by the game? Let's say the item was in a building that was destroyed. I am fine with that. But if it is simply because the developers want to force me to go forward in a story then with that I have an issue. I think the bigger matter was a collectible in an area through which you are being hurried and if there is no way to restart the level. I dislike for the most part games where you have to wait until the end of the title to go scrounge.

Christopher900d ago

@morgan then at least don't design so collectibles are near those points and you otherwise can move freely. Especially since some collectibles in the game affected power. God of War did a good job of that in the areas that were more story focused by not having collectibles but kept them in areas where exploration was possible and encouraged

morganfell900d ago


I am not disagreeing with you on collectibles. This is why I said I have mixed feelings concerning such issues and laid out my personal reasons. In fact my reasons actually agree with you. I like Quantum Break but there is a thing or two that caused a twinge. It just wasn't enough to affect my general impression of the game. Everyone is different in this regard when it comes to personal likes and dislikes and how much an issue affects the overall impact. That said I like the live action but agree the tropes need to go.

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SquillieDeeWilliams903d ago

I agree man, I really hope this is true!! I loved QB, I think it’s one of the best/most slept on XB1 games. Make it happen Remedy🙏🏾

showtimefolks903d ago

hopefully without the TV show just use cut scenes like kojima because this IP has potential

Snakeking33903d ago

You know remedy owns both ip I won’t be surprised it go multi platform give that the games didn’t do to well on Xbox alone I can see this coming to the ps4

jagermaster619902d ago

Keep dreaming snakeking33. You guys have enough games to play...

babadivad903d ago

I'm SOOOOO exited if this is true. It may not have been the top of my list as long as game play this year[It was fun though]. It was by far the best story I've played this gen. Please let this be true.

spwittbold903d ago

Alan Wake 2 would make me jizz my pants. I'm glad Quantum Break is getting a sequel. The first game was pretty good - and has a lot of potential.

mandingo902d ago

Yea I thought the show was ok. If they scrap it though they can focus more on the gameplay

MorpheusX902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

2 of my fav story driven narratives.

Aceman18902d ago

I was supremely disappointed with this game, but if they can improve the overall game and it's well received I just might consider giving it another go with the franchise.

mark_parch902d ago

I totally disagree, quantum break was average, it had a brilliant story but gameplay was very poor and qb is easily remedy's weakest game. I would much rather they made alan wake 2 but they have already confirmed that isn't going to happen. they also said all future games will be multi platform which is why there isn't a quantum break 2

Ceaser9857361902d ago

So REMEDY is working on 2 games? Since their next game is P7 which is a multiplatfrom game and QB is MS owned So i have a feeling its not QB 2

Kumakai902d ago

agreed. It was surprisingly good gameplay, decent story and cool time warping mechanics and stuff (like other remedy games but a bit more dialed in imo). I didn't really care about the show aspect quite as much but felt the game was solid overall.

combatcash902d ago

@vega275 LOL at all the disagrees, just MS haters. It would be great to see another alan wake game.

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PrinceOfAnger903d ago

I hope we get a sequel in the future QB was fun and a good game imo
The real triumph here is the way in which the game's technology benefits the core gameplay. Quantum Break is an absolute joy to play - perhaps the best game Remedy has made to date - and much of that joy is the result of its technology. That perfect mix of high quality animation, effects, and feedback just feels right. It's an highly satisfying game to play."

Concertoine902d ago

QB is okay but Alan Wake sold better and was a better game.

jhoward585903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

QB1 was a complete failure.So If Remedy does decide to make QB2 they would need to make a new game engine because QB1 gameplay was mediocre. Perhaps, that is the reason why Remedy is looking for a senior staff gameplay programmer.

ArchangelMike903d ago

I'm not sure I'd say it was a "complete failure", that's pure hyperbole. At the time of it's release it was the best selling new Microsoft IP

jhoward585903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

QB was one of the most Hyped game as well. That's the power of good advertisement. You can pretty sale anything if its marketed right.

Personally speaking, I think Remedy should scrap the QB idea and make a new IP(or existing IP) that people could easily understand/has experienced before. Prime example: It is much riskier(cost more) to make a game in outer space than on land because everyone knows what a tree is, everyone knows what rain falling from the sky looks like, you get the idea. In outer space, you would have to do more explaining to the viewer/ because no one has ever experience living in space before. My point is, QB didn't do a very good job explaining everything in QB. How could they anyway? It would end up costing way more money /development time to explain everything which is very hard to do especially if the concept idea doesn't have(not enough) recognizable things in it people can relate to.

Neonridr903d ago

in all fairness it didn't deliver, stuff like that happens. Remember The Order for PS4? I remember a lot of hype leading in to that game too.

Thankfully Remedy is a great studio, and they could easily turn it around given a second crack at the whip.

903d ago
Neonridr903d ago

@aqua - I never said it was anywhere near the same amount, stop twisting my words. I said there was a lot of hype around The Order. I remember the buzz here at N4G. Stop pretending like there wasn't.

Jinger903d ago

Remember when The Order was being called the Gears of War killer? That's the kinda hype that was being thrown around for it.

I'd freaking love a sequel to The Order as well tbh The setting/story and characters were great.

jhoward585903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

I'm not quite sure I think N4G installed a tracking cookie on my PC so I can't post on here. I'll have to investigate that before reporting it to someone.

OffRoadKing903d ago

I remember more propaganda and slander than hype before The Order came out but then again it was smack dab in the middle of the new gen console war that had just begun. I would love to see a sequel for it though because at its core it was a good game.

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Christopher903d ago

Failure? Man, our definitions of failure must be extremely different. If it made a profit, how is it a failure?

jhoward585903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Sot sold well according to MS but at the same time, sot was considered a failure by most people.

Prince_TFK903d ago (Edited 903d ago )


Who are those “most people”?

bolimekurac903d ago

jhoward i love xbox but i agree with you, qb could have been special but it was missing something, i wanted to love it and i liked so much about it but yet it was lacking somehting

jmetalhead77812903d ago

I really liked the game, but felt it could’ve been a great game... Get rid of the TV show. I didn’t think the show was bad, but I don’t play video games to watch a TV show. The game loses some of its steam after each episode... Also, use the resources from the TV show to make a longer campaign. They make those changes and it becomes a great game IMO.

Saijahn902d ago

A failure? It sits at a 77 metacritic score. Far from a failure. You might not have liked it so I get it.but definitely not a failure.

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zivtheawesome903d ago

i don't think so... isn't QB MS IP? i thought that remedy already confirmed their next project is multiplatform.

Sciurus_vulgaris903d ago

Yes MS does own Quantum Break, Quantum Break 2 would be a Xbox/windows title.

EDKICK903d ago

I believe they have stated they want to start making multiple games at a time so they can release games quicker. So I would assume P7 is
coming out first making it the multiplat and then QB2 would be after that.