The Current Generation of Consoles Will Last Longer Than The Previous, Says Defiance Dev

"I believe the current console generation will last longer than the previous, which is great for development," says Matt Pettit.

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Neonridr764d ago

well sure.. with mid-gen refreshes it won't be needed as quickly.

darthv72764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

So if Pro was released 3 years after base then 3 years after Pro would be PS5 and same goes for xbox. 4 years after X would be the X2. Making 2019 the earliest for the PS5 and 2021 the earliest for X2.

Neonridr764d ago

at this point who knows.. grab your crystal ball or throw darts at the wall as to when they are coming. Some expect the PS5 to be shown this year in some regard with a 2019 reveal. Others think we won't see a PS5 until 2020.

rainslacker763d ago

I think it's more likely to be prolonged because at this point, Sony is likely to be the next one to release a console, and with PS4 doing so well, Sony wouldn't be in any great hurry to disrupt sales with the start of a new gen.

I don't think we'll see another "mid-gen" to carry the PS4 longer. PS5 will be a new gen when it comes IMO, but it'll probably be the same hardware, just stronger and some more current architecture features. The legacy mandate won't exist though.

DivineAssault 764d ago

How do you figure? Software for the pro & x have to be able to run on the base consoles..

letsa_go763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

If ps5 was shown this year, wouldn't that be a 2018 reveal? Also, I hope this gen doesn't last as long as last gen. It was outdated in 2011 when battlefield 3 came out and definitely overstayed its welcome.

2pacalypsenow764d ago

Well yeah there's two new consoles the Pro and the X. Its basically a restart.

Rude-ro763d ago

No, they take the base software and provide a better image on 4k TVs...

2pacalypsenow763d ago

Its newer better hardware.

The Ps3 and 360 had the same hardware from 2005/06- 2013

If I upgrade the CPU and GPU on my pc but keep the same windows version, is it the same computer?

Rude-ro763d ago

Yes. You are not making any technological upgrades...
You are simply boosting its capabilities.
You will only notice improvements and not go wow... I know the insides are upgraded but I’m still looking at the same os, doing the same things, and playing the same things.

The boosts you speak of only have an impact on resolution and marginal performance, or in your point better performance... but you are not getting absolutely anything new or software built for it that is not already running on something older.

I replaced my hard drive for an ssd on my console... is it a new console? No. Same applies.

2pacalypsenow763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

Swapping out a hard drive and having more Ram, CPU speed and a better GPU are quite different.

Your acting like going from 720p/1080p to 2160p is is a small feat in therms of hardware.

If the Ps3 and Xbox 360 had upgrades mid gen, we might still be using them.

ArchangelMike764d ago

I'm fine with another 2-3 years before the next generation starts. After the phenomena that is God of War, I'm hoping we see a sequel before I have to buy a new console to play it.

SCW1982764d ago

just give me realms as 9.99 dlc

thisismyaccount764d ago

Another year or two ... i hope for a 2019 PS5 release (marking the 25th aniv. of playstation). And hopefully the PS5 will have BC with PS4 games, that would entice me to buy some cheap ps4 games released years ago (collector). But .... the ps4 still costs like $250 to 299 ... and Sony for some reason wants to keep that price tag for a few more "days". Not sure why ...

The PS2, which was made partially with Sony Chips and with toshiba, got few price drops early in its generation, dropping to $199 with in like 3 years? The base PS4 can not cost more than $199 5 years later ... that´s insane.

Bleed a bit on the hardware side, but expand your playerbase further and with it increase your potential new buyers (games). Software sells hardware ... but if the hardware of desire still costs like 90% of the original price 5 years later ... is Sony simply not willing to take the cut? Lose proportionally per console a big junk ($$), and make it back or even more (software attachment ratio) by selling more games, as the playerbase grows.

AMD not letting Sony to lower the price, their APU still expensive to make?

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The story is too old to be commented.