God Of War Director Explains Why Some Realms Are Selectable But Not Playable, No DLC Plans

God of War has been out now for a while so if you have finished it, you might have an idea of the sense of scale for the game.

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corroios2219d ago

Really? no DLC? so what are they doing now? whats the next project?

AspiringProGenji2219d ago

Wow there mate. They just released the game

angelsx2218d ago

Yea but but I finished it.

ToneBlanco2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

@angelsx some people have lives

doggo842218d ago

The next God of war which has already started development .

doggo842218d ago

Ah damn, my apologies. I was fooled by a click-bait headline and jumped to conclusions.


Greg28012218d ago

Well.. if you played the game till the end, im pretty sure you can guess what their next project will be.

Seraphim2218d ago

exactly. It's likely set up as a trilogy like the original.

btw: anyone who has or hasn't beaten it. make sure to travel to Kratos' home after the game and take a nap.

Mr Marvel2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

God of War II... or II-2?...or V?... or VI if you include Ascension as a mainline title.

Whatever the next God of War game is called... and I can't wait.

dumahim2218d ago

I'm guessing they won't be using numbers anymore and just go with subtitles.

Goldby2218d ago

or, and this may be a bit of a stretch, but read it all the way to the end so i can best let people understand (at least how my brain sees it)

What if Gow was Sony first "GaaS" model built around a single player narrative driven game?

Why let us not only see the realms we cant go to but let us move the bifrost to where we would go?
Why have the max level as 8? why such a weird number, why not 10
Muspelheim and Nilfheim are both end game areas, and for that they are quite small, at least in my opinion, so thats telling me they may add to it.
and why scrap everything they have now just to make a new one, when they can add on to this one with expansions similar to Frozen Wilds and witcher 3.
and then in a year or 2, drop the next god of war as an "add-on" to this, so instead of having to buy a new game which may not have stats and gear carry over, they just continue what they have already started.

anyways. a BOY! can dream

zeuanimals2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

God of War: Ragnarok is probably the name for the 3rd game.

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Muigi2218d ago

Probably going on vacation. You do know making a game is pretty hard right?

maybelovehate2218d ago

Yeah, pretty disappointing. For a game that cost 60 dollars we should get more than a 4 or 5 days of game time. Especially when you consider the value we are getting from games like Monster Hunter and Destiny.

Redemption-642218d ago

Seriously you are one depressing person, do you really have the itching need to downplay everything Sony related? But am sure millions are enjoying this game far more than a game with 2-5 hours of the same mission.

doggo842218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Lmao, don't come acting like this is a legitimate problem with God of war and something that people have been complaining about, we get it, there is no multiplayer. What a tragedy /s. Actually THANK GOODNESS for single player games with real depth and lasting appeal like gow, in an industry littered with half baked, repetitive, shallow multiplayer games and GAAS where the focus is on milking gamer's wallets as opposed to providing a memorable experience which can be savoured.

blacktiger2218d ago

4-5 days of gaming as in 4-5 times of 12hrs. What are you insane? Who has that kind of entertainment that last long? Maybe a novel sure. Think Again.

Elda2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

I've only played 2 weekends on Fri & Sat & I'm still no where near 100% completion of this game.Soon I'll be on a lengthy vac & it'll still take me several weeks before I finish the entire game.Some folks don't blow through an entire game in 3 or 5 days.

dumahim2218d ago

Maybe some people prefer to spend all that time doing something new instead of going over the same content over and over (speaking of Destiny).

UCForce2218d ago

But the game is special and it will keep people remember for very long time.

BlaqMagiq12218d ago

You expected a single player game like GoW to have the exact same amount of content and play time as MH or Destiny?

That's really dumb.

AmUnRa2218d ago

And downplaying exclusive Playstation only games like always. Nobody takes you serious and you are trolling most of the time. Thats why you are getting so much downvotes

Goldby2218d ago


i know right,

theres no way Destiny has as much content as GoW

Sm30002218d ago

If you blew through the game that fast well then that's on you. It's also a testament to how good the game is, you couldn't stop

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SuperSonic912218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Pretty pretty sure:

God of War vs God of Thunder for the sequel

and God of War: Ragnarok for the finale

They are already on the way any ways. Maybe next year or 2020.

The reason it took 5 years to make is, like Lord of the Rings, there was a huge set up of the game to make it a trilogy of sorts.

In that way they can tell a great story and effecient gane develooment that will sell a lot with a reasonable budget.

They have planned this all along
Brilliant move Sony.

jaycptza2217d ago

why dont you go work 27/7 and leave them alone since you feel people oh you so much. Entitled much?

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-Foxtrot2219d ago

Well obviously they don't want to rush and do small realms just for the sake of it but they can't not show them in the Bifröst when other realms are present.

To be honest with Niflheim being smaller along with Muspelheim I would have joint the fog maze and trials for those realms into Helheim to make it bigger. This would leave the other two realms to be more fleshed out later in the sequel or if they change their mind on DLC.