Defiance 2050 Closed Beta Impression | Kumazoku Ent

Beast tries out the Defiance 2050 Closed beta on PS4 returning to being an Ark Hunter.

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MarineLineman1788d ago

Hmm. Kindof skipped out on the last one. Didn’t know it was actually a decent game. Might have to check this one out.

SavageKuma1788d ago

Most people did and I did enjoy the storyline and events. Pretty good free-to-play game.

lihuz1788d ago

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dolfa1788d ago

Doesn't have anything really interesting IMO and looks like generic MMO shooter like Division does. Some people will definetly like it for few months, but i dont think it will be success.

SavageKuma1788d ago

I wouldn't say that as it is returning, but I hope it does succeed. Had a lot of fun in it and pretty good open world storyline.