God of War is Good But It's No Resident Evil 4

God of War has been lavished with a lot of praise, receiving perfect scores from plenty of game outlets (this one included), putting it well ahead of the competition on Metacritic.

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Eonjay168d ago

Its another "God of War is good but its not Bugatti (or other random comparison) therefore somehow the game is lacking" article.

AspiringProGenji168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

God of War is not sliced bread so I’ll just stick to looking at this amazing water in SoT

JaguarEvolved168d ago

Resident evil 4 is good but it's no goldeneye 007.

naruga168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

why i dont like neither God of War neither RE4??? :P:p.....both games are made for the millions of casuals and lack a lot in atmosphere , feeling and design ..though i would admit RE4 in terms of gameplay is far superior (not matter if it wasnt a proper RE game and after it RE series destroyed itself)

AspiringProGenji168d ago

God of war is anything but casual.

FloydianAndroid168d ago

If we’re talking water sims SoT is goty .

S2Killinit168d ago

God of War is good but its not doog.

UCForce168d ago

@naruga You just extremely hate Western Gaming audience, aren’t ya ? Keep saying like that and it won’t be pleasant.

morganfell168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

gamerevolution is not good and it isn't even passable journalism.

Anytime a great game comes out you can almost anticipate with accuracy, depending on the week after launch, when the typical hit-trash pieces will appear. It is so predictable it would be boring were it not such a disservice to gamers.

How does this article serve the public? These ridiculous sites forget that real journalism is for the people, not for money or some writer's over inflated ego that thinks his personal importance matters. Hey mr writer, you aren't a rockstar. You're high school garage band material

UCForce168d ago

@naruga And you also hate Western gaming.

Derceto168d ago

Goldeneye 007 is good, but it's no Pong.

Mr Marvel168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

What's SoT?

Oh wait, you mean that 69 metascore game with a 5.0 user rating. LOL

doggo84168d ago

"both games are made for the millions of casuals and lack a lot in atmosphere , feeling and design"

LOL, k.

"though i would admit RE4 in terms of gameplay is far superior"

LOL thanks for admitting it, as a person that tries to trash every PS game, that must have been hard for you

Mr Lahey168d ago


Were you born a troll or did the internet break you?

UltraNova167d ago

Wow for Mr writer (as Morgan puts it) to go as far back to RE4 to try and bring GoW down a notch, the game is sure as hell making some fanboys ravenous with jealousy. Jelly overload.

PS: In what planet does a simple camera commonality warrant a comparison between a game like RE 4 and a game like GoW?

bloop167d ago

@naruga: GOW casual? Can you upload some videos of you fighting some of the Valkyries or clearing the realm tears in Ivaldi's workshop to show how casual it is?? Normal difficulty will be fine.

notachance167d ago

@naruga casuals, really? Then there must be a bug in my game because many enemies are capable of OHKO-ing me and it's only the second hardest difficulty.

Petebloodyonion167d ago

I believe the 1st game to offer free movement in 3d from a 3rd person perspective would be Cyber Sled from Namco.
It's an old Arcade game that came out in early 90 that would play like Virtual on
It was a heck of a good tank game.

its_JEFF167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

@naruga okay, that's your opinion and probably a valid one... but in your opinion, what games, that you've played, have great atmosphere/feeling/design/game play? I like having a good debate, that's what forums are for right? or are we just making statements that we don't have to backup?

Realms167d ago

@ naruga

God of War may be popular but it's not a casual type of game specially if you play it in give me god of war, good luck trying to hack and slash your way in that mode.

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Septic168d ago

God of War is good but it's no falafel

ScootaKuH168d ago

Falafel is good but it's no brick. You couldn't build a house with it

Goldby167d ago

but with no falafel there would be no energy to build said house

MWH167d ago

50 hungry bellys disagree with you, it is a falafel with extra tahina.

SuperSonic91168d ago

RE4 is good but its no Shadow of the Colossus who came up with that dynamic third person aiming camera system.

fastNslowww168d ago

If we are talking about the over the shoulder 3rd person camera system....then SPLINTER CELL (2002) did it first.

PhantomTommy168d ago

Resident Evil 4 came out a whole 10 months before Shadow of the Colossus and yet 9 people liked your comment. Hmmm, I wonder what that says about the chaps on N4g??

Old McGroin168d ago

@ fastNslowww

I think Syphon Filter got their before Splinter Cell. And even then, I'm sure someone can come up with an earlier example than that.

KiRBY3000168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

The original Tomb Raider came out in 1996. It was one of the first 3D game with a camera placed behind the charatacer, and it had a dedicated button to control the camera so you could check your surroundings better and plan your next move.

If we're talking over-the-shoulder aiming/firing, Freedom Fighter had one (PC game, 2003). I dont know if it's the first though.

A year before that, SOCOM had an over-the-head aiming system, which is almost the same.

Old McGroin167d ago

I was actually thinking of the first game with a cover system like Gears of War, that would be Syphon Filter. As Kirby said, Tomb Raider is the earliest 3rd person shooter I can think of.

SuperSonic91167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Okay Guys thanks for the comments.
After some reasearch I found out that the earliest over the shoulder games were Conker's and Kill Switch then Tom Clancy games like Ghost Recon and Spliter Cell 2002.

Thanks guys.
RE was just because it was a popular franchise so it got the street credits more than other great Third person shooter games.

Any research on earlier games is highly appreciated. PM me please.

We will put this arguement to rest.

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IamTylerDurden1167d ago

Both are great all-time games. God of War is its own entity, it doesn't need to be RE4. God of War is a phenomenal game and that's what matters.

Matrix6167d ago

I'll do one better, "why is Gamora?"

mechlord167d ago

@naruga aaaaand thats how you spot a butthurt fanboy. there is no way in hell you have played god of war mate.

windblowsagain167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Goldeneye is good, but it's no Rainbow Islands.

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Neonridr168d ago

I mean Resident Evil 4 is pretty awesome, but hard to compare these two types of games. I mean why would you want to?

Sunny_D168d ago

God of war needs horror!!!!

ScootaKuH168d ago

Resident evil needs more God killing!!

gaxofa167d ago

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pcz167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Resident evil 4 reinvented resident evil. Also became the benchmark for 3rd person shooter/action games at the time.

God of war is said to do the same but in comparison to what resident evil 4 did at the time, the jump is not so revolutionary. God of wars innovation is mostly cosmetic, on the surface-superficial. While resident evil 4 was at its core an innovative design. The same way mario 64 was for 3D platforming.

I think God of war is not so remarkable when you have a bit more perspective

Lilrizky167d ago

I personally think it is.

When you factor how the camera changed the gameplay and the way the story is told and how much a second character is used in the gameplay and how exploration is a new factor, with how the axe behaves compared to the blades etc

I think its as much as a change as RE4 was.

Criti-Choco167d ago

It depends what you are looking at.

One shot camera and the form of story telling that the new GoW uses is pretty remarkable and revolutionary considering that these are things most games tend not to be concerned about.

Think about, just as articles were coming out with the whole "Single Player is dead" nonsense, this game comes out and people change their minds, that is not an unremarkable feat.

The gameplay itself is great albeit not as much as an innovative evolution as the story telling, but it does set the stage of what a fun melee base game can bring.

pcz167d ago

It seems God of war is praised most for masterful storytelling and it's emotional impact. But let's be honest, what does it do that hasn't been done before in Uncharted, the last of us, grand theft auto V, heavy rain etc

These games add a cinematic subtlety to games that was missing before, but did God of war take it to another level that makes it remarkable?

It's debatable.

AspiringProGenji167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Then you haven’t played the game at all because the combat is a highlight in this game just like eveything else. What has GoW done differenttly you ask? Well it is about Mythology, and none of those games play like GoW. Also there are not cuts that pull you out of the experience and that is technical marvel in itself.

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Uken12167d ago

They are both great games. It seems to me the gripe is that GoW is getting higher ratings than RE4 did in it's time. Which RE4 did more than what GoW 4 does today for gaming. I AM NOT SAYING GOW IS BAD OR ANYTHING.

I just think given that RE4 didn't receive all around 10's I wouldn't think GoW would either, but it did.
IMO RE4 is a 10 so it really doesn't matter to me. (I have yet to get GoW, due to time and finances lol, but I really want to play it.)

I think the problem is with "Review" sites now. They are all over the place with the ratings. And will collectively destroy a great games rating just because they have a Tribal mindset towards the console of their choice.

Also as a side note, a perfect 10 game should be held to extremely high standards. Very few games reach a perfect 10. Also a perfect 10 has to either be Evolutionary or Revolutionary when it comes to gameplay (IMO). Otherwise it would be between 9-9.9.

Metroid Prime on gamecube didn't even get 10's in it's day. And that game deserved it. Great Music, Great Graphics, Great story, great gameplay, made it feel like you were inside Samus's outfit and brought great new gameplay mechanics. But still received 9's, 9.5's but not many 10's.

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gangsta_red168d ago

RE4 was pretty phenomenal at the time, a huge departure from the regular series. I can see the comparison between RE4 and GoW, both changed up it's popular formula and went with the 3rd person over the shoulder view.

RE4 would probably win out only for nostalgic reasons though and not necessarily because it's better than GoW.

SuperSaiyanGod41168d ago

2 different games though. If u want to compare a game to RE4 then compare TLOU. That's like me comparing devil may cry to The Walking Dead lol.

gangsta_red168d ago

Two different games that changed up their gameplay style to both over the shoulder third person action.

The play mechanices of both games are actually pretty similar.