Can We Get a New Final Fantasy Tactics Game Already?

Twinfinite Writes: It's been 11 years since we've seen a release of a new Final Fantasy Tactics. It's long past time that we see Square Enix bring back Final Fantasy's best spinoff.

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madhouse02169d ago

Such a beloved entry in the series, and one that totally deserves more games. Do I trust SE to do it justice in 2018? Not really :/

Relientk77169d ago

I want a new Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics

Fullmetalevolust168d ago

I am with you on both counts. I am also extremely biased towards a new entry in the Shining Force franchises, as you can tell by my avatar. I love SJRPG's, thank god Fire emblem exists. among others.
Not a fan of these visual novels x SJRPG's.

OmnislashVer36169d ago

Unsung Story is gaining some traction because of the new developer. Hoping it's enjoyable when it comes out.

Derceto168d ago

Do you really want a new tactics game from the modern day SquareEnix? Likely not.

bluefox755168d ago

Yes, please. I've probably sunk more hours into the original FFT than any other game ever. Would absolutely love another proper release.

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