Xbox's Current Identity is in Services, Not Games...And That's OK

Xbox has received criticism for their lack of first party exclusives. But when it comes to services, Microsoft is leading the pack.

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ILostMyMind168d ago

It's ok for me. Otherwise, I would have to buy an XBO.

Relientk77168d ago

Most important thing with a game console is the games.

UltraNova167d ago

No its the services, says MS.

Deep-throat167d ago ShowReplies(5)
crazyCoconuts168d ago

I don't really see MS differentiating much on the services front. The only notable service outside XBL itself is GamePass, and Sony beat them to that punch with PSNow years ago. You can argue that GamePass is better (I agree. PSNow never reached it's potential), but it's not like MS is really innovating or differentiating that much. Not enough to say they're focusing on services while Sony is not...

AspiringProGenji168d ago

Services? You mean “give me more money without earning it.”

crazyboom167d ago

Yeah Microsoft calls it Xbox game pass since "give me more money without earning it" didn't roll of the tongue.

terstomp167d ago

Yes. Services are ongoing paid subscriptions.

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The story is too old to be commented.