Systems Like Current PSN Have Bad Games Discoverability, PS5 and Next Xbox Should Improve That – Dev

One of the biggest issues that online stores have is discoverability for content- this is an issue that Steam has grappled with for years, and that Nintendo is beginning to face with the eShop, now that there is a mad rush among developers to get their games on the platform.

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fr0sty169d ago

I agree, there are a lot of gems hidden in PSN's less advertised sections.

KyRo169d ago

It's the same with Spotify and Netflix though. This isn't something that happens to just gaming. If you like music for mainstream artists the spotify will have that splattered all over the home screen but if you like more than generic pop and God awful mumble rap you have to get digging. The same as any other digital store front tbh.

kevnb169d ago

Spotify and Netflix do a decent job recommending content based on what you consume though.

KyRo169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Spotify certainly don't unless you're listening to known or emerging artists. Listen to anything different like Wave, UK Funky, Baseline, footwork, Grime or anything else underground and you may find a official playlist bit usually filled with music that don't belong in that playlist. Sometimes that's good as it opens your ears to knew sounds and artists but it's rare. I don't know. I just think spotify is better for commercial music. Lesser known stuff needs better curators tbh.

TheGamez100169d ago

Also dont like how the search function works...why they thought that was a good idea, who knows.

MAULxx169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

As much as I like my PS4 that search function & the store in general needs serious work. It's better to just get on the Ps store website to search, browse & buy. It's easier to search, find & buy a physical copy on amazon than to actually buy digital on PS store on the console.

bigmalky169d ago

I wish they would also create a separate category in add-ons for microtransactions, so I don't have to scroll through pages of gems, coins and points to see if any games have good DLC.

I tend to give up after a minute.

sinspirit169d ago

The single row keyboard for 26+ characters is annoying. I never liked it with Netflix and Youtube apps on console. It's just terrible.

rainslacker168d ago

Yeah. It was worse on PS3 when they started that because it was so slow. It seemed made for mobile, but mobile can have an onscreen keyboard, so it's pointless there.

On the plus side, on the PS4 at least, it does a great job of narrowing down the search for auto complete when using the function. It could do that with a keyboard style input otherwise.

sprinterboy169d ago

I like it tbh, auto comes up with the nxt letters u need

Matrix6169d ago

Scrolling down through ALL your purchases is really annoying, I’ve wondered about it since last gen, why can’t they implement drop down tabs for filters and categories?!

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OpenGL169d ago

This is true, outside of the sales or high-budget new releases it's not easy to find anything.

rainslacker169d ago

This is a problem with every store front. It's really frustrating as a developer who relies solely on discovery and doesn't have a marketing budget, or doesn't want to play the crappy funding game where you basically pay review sites to talk about your game.

To date, I don't think any site has really tried to fix the problem, and any attempt to do so would probably be mired with other problems anyways.

Teflon02169d ago

Yeah I completely agree. On PSN I basically have to use the search most times because the actual menu's basically only show you the most popular stuff. But that's why I use the PC storefront and just make it download to ps4 from that. It's way better. Funny thing is the PC version apart from the artistic design reminds me of the original kind on ps3 before they changed it to the horrible one. That one was perfect to me. Could have used a upgrade but it was fine because it had everything right and easy to nav

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