Outlast Devs Explain Why 60 FPS Was Not Possible For Nintendo Switch, Censored Content And More

Outlast is out now on the Nintendo Switch. The two games in the series were ported to the Nintendo Switch by the developer Red Barrels and they seem to hold up surprisingly well against the console version, however with a penalty to the frame rate that drops from the 60 FPS target on PS4 and Xbox One to 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch.

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maybelovehate199d ago

You don't have to explain lol.. We all know Switch is underpowered.

marloc_x198d ago

..underpowered, compared to every other console the size of an Archie comic.

2pacalypsenow198d ago

Well nintendo decided to make it a portable, doesn't change the fact that its underpowered compared to xbpx and playstation.

jc12198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Exactly. Underpowered and geared towards children. Well that may appeal to some, its certainly doesn't me.

G3ng4r197d ago

Pity there's no way to know how many children could willingly survive botw long enough to get six hearts vs how many ran through gow with little to no difficulty.

Foraoise197d ago

Geared toward children....? You're either super ignorant or trolling...

jc12197d ago

How am I trolling? Are you trying to tell me Nintendo doesn't have a plethora of kiddy games? You're either super ignorant or a fanboy.

Kumakai198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I bet I can guess before even reading.... not enough power. And outlast isn’t exactly a graphics powerhouse on the real consoles either so rendering a quarter of the game (I’ll assume resolution is 720p or less here) at half the framerate doesn’t impress me.

Theknightofnights198d ago

The console is entirely portable when rendering at 720p. How is that not impressive?

deafdani198d ago

The Switch is about 1/7th the size of a PS4, if not smaller. Does that still not impress you?

G3ng4r197d ago

Let's pretend switch doesn't also function as a handheld and that ps4 pro really does run all games at 4k/60fps.

Foraoise197d ago

The resolution is 1008p for Outlast. Odd resolution, but it looks fucking gorgeous. In comparison to the PS4 and even the PC version, I barely notice any difference... God these trolls bashing the Switch are obnoxious and ignorant as fuck.

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The_Sage198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

From the article.

"Keeping the 60fps on switch would have been impossible. I mean, we would have had to cut so much that it would not have been the same game. Games like Mario do it but their lighting is extremely simple, most objects don’t cast shadows or anything, which obviously doesn’t work for a game that is all about hiding in the dark. They also barely have post-fx or anti aliasing."

"The Switch version DOES include the new Story mode, but does NOT include the restored previously censored content."

Kryptix198d ago

Shadows affect CPU and GPU so for a game like Outlast that uses a lot of lighting, I can see why. Also, shadows need anti aliasing to match the anti aliasing of the object and for a game like this, the developers are aiming more towards immersion.

inxine198d ago

bummer. but that doesnt mean the game isnt fun regardless